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Fill Him with Joy: 9 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband

The guy gives a gift box to his girlfriend. Young couple on holiday. St. Valentine’s Day.

Oh, look. There’s another “Best Dad Ever” mug on the store shelf. What a bland thing to give the man of your life.

But you weren’t planning on buying it, anyway. You know there are better things out there that he deserves.

It’s really not that hard to get your guy something he’ll actually enjoy having. In fact, Here is a nice list of birthday gift ideas for your husband that we’re sure you’ll both love.

1. Duffel Bag

Yes, men love bags, too.

Duffel bags are the perfect accessory if your husband loves to travel or needs a bag to use for his gym meetings. They’re great because they can be used for almost anything and simultaneously make a great fashion statement.

Once you get him one of these, he’s sure to carry it with him every time he gets the chance.

2. Surfboard


Surfboarding is hot, and it’ll be hotter when your man gets one as his birthday present. With a variety of looks, shapes and sizes for every skill level, he’ll be able to hop on and have fun.

Even if he doesn’t like to surf, he’ll still hang it up in the man-cave and talk about it as if he does…which is still a win for you.

3. Telescope

If your husband is secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) a nerd at heart with a lust for discovery, then a telescope is the only way to go.

Telescopes can be used for a variety of ways, and many are pocket-sized, meaning he’ll be able to take it with him on the go and use it pretty much anywhere.

Of course, there are also telescopes made strictly for nighttime viewing. Make sure to opt for one of these instead if he enjoys spending summer nights gazing at the stars.

4. Matching Watches

The only thing better than one watch…is two. And who can wear a pair of watches better than you and your man?

Watches have become the epitome of style and fashion, and what you wear helps to define who you are. There’s a watch for every person, every character, and every price range – and if you and Hubby are matching, there’s no way you’ll fail.

Watches like the omega constellation are designed to show off all of your good sides using only the best materials. No matter what you pick, you’re guaranteed to look good in it.

5. Luxury Trip

There is no way that anyone would say no to a luxury trip, and it helps to have so many options to choose from.

Luxury trips can be had on the beach, at a fancy resort, or (if you’re feeling daring) on a cruise ship. Make a day thing, or a weekend thing – either way, the trip will be a success.

No matter what you pick, this option is guaranteed to get you the “best wife of the year” award.

6. Monogrammed Slippers

First the bags, now monogrammed slippers…you’re completely mind-blown by the things guys like, aren’t you?

With: In any case, monogramming is not just for the ladies, personalized gifts for men are a great choice too. Guys like to be pampered too, especially after being worn out from a hard work day. What better way to relax and kick back than with a pair of monogrammed slippers?

Once he slips these on his feet for the first time, he’ll never be able to take them off. Which may or may not be a problem when he goes to work…but at least he’ll love them, and that’s what counts.

7. Beeropoly Game Board

Yes, it is a thing. No, you may not judge it.

Everyone loved Monopoly growing up as a kid. Now, that your husband is (considerably) older, he’ll want to have a game more his age that still captures the joys of childhood.

Enter Beeropoly, the game of high stakes and many empty beer bottles. It works roughly like the official classic, but instead of dealing in strictly business deals, you have to tackle challenges with the aid of Miller Lite.

It’ll be a mature weekend in with your best buds and sure to make your adult house parties so much better. Just know that everyone will be crashing at your place afterward.

8. VR Headset

Gaming is huge, especially with the guys. It’s almost a guarantee that most husbands have their own game system at the house, and if you bought them a VR headset, they would instantly let you in on their Call of Duty Campaign.

In case you didn’t know, the VR headset allows the player to experience the game their playing in first person. It makes them feel as if they’re actually in the game. Sounds pretty cool, right?

The best part is they aren’t even expensive, so buying one won’t break your bank.

9. Smart Speakers

The only thing better than crystal clear sound is sound ran through a Bluetooth speaker.

No one really likes cables when they’re trying to enjoy their jams, so getting a Bluetooth speaker for your husband would be a fantastic gift choice.

He can hear his music anywhere in the house without having to leave his phone constantly plugged to it. What’s more, you can use the speakers yourself if you have a tune in your head, so both of you can enjoy this awesome gift.

Try These Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband Today!

Now that you have a list of birthday gift ideas for your husband, you can pick something that you know will mean the world to him. But trust me when I say that’s not all I can teach you.

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