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Feeling Uncertain? Here are 5 Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Confidence

Do you lack self-confidence? You’re far from alone. 

From self-help authors to business success guides, there are many suggestions of how to build self-confidence. One common idea is the importance of perception and outlook. As New Thought author Joseph Murphy said in his book, Maximize Your Potential Through the Power of Your Subconscious Mind for a More Spiritual Life, “What you feel, you attract; and what you imagine, you become.”

In other words, think of difficult experiences as challenges that battle test the spirit. Indeed, what’s seemingly dark and insurmountable may pave the way for greater confidence and personal achievement. And this is where perception enters the picture.

Embrace these five powerful practices to supercharge your self-confidence.

1. Visualize the Greatest You

Entrepreneur describes self-confidence tips for business professionals that can be applied to all areas of life. Imagine yourself as you want to be. Visualize your ideal appearance, doing the things you want to do and achieving your loftiest goals. You may have been taught that daydreaming is a waste of time, but focused daydreaming is extremely powerful. And yes, you can even imagine yourself as being confident.

2. List Your Strengths and Achievements

If you have trouble with this, enlist the help of a family member or close friend. Everyone has strong qualities and impressive achievements in life, although it might be difficult to remember them if you’re feeling low. Read over these lists every day and focus on these positive aspects of your character and your life. As you continue this exercise, you’ll realize your strengths and the challenges you’ve overcome, thereby instilling in you greater confidence.

3. Practice Positivity and Purpose

Celebrity life coach Tony Robbins recommends letting go of negative thought patterns and instead focusing on a sense of purpose. Is there a reason you want to be more confident? Perhaps you may want to make a great impression at an important business presentation, or it may be something more personal, like attracting new friends or meeting a life partner. 

The trick, Robbins says, is to “retrain your brain.” Let go of negative thoughts about yourself. Whatever happened in the past is the past, and that’s not who you are anymore. As you focus on your positive qualities and beliefs, that good feeling will express itself outwardly.

4. Set Yourself a Challenge — and Slay It!

By taking risks and achieving something difficult, you can greatly improve your self-confidence. Harvard Business Review posits that many people don’t even know their full strengths, capabilities and talents — because they’ve never tried. 

While it takes courage to step outside one’s comfort zone, this can be a fantastic confidence booster. Start by choosing something that’s of medium difficulty and scale it up as you go along. For instance, ask your boss if you can take on an important project. Or, perhaps you’ve been wanting to go rock climbing. In that case, start slow by checking out a local rock climbing gym.

5. Pamper Yourself with Retail Therapy

Start with a healthy new diet, a new workout routine or a fun hairstyle. Then try a new look. Clothing is an outward expression of how one feels about themselves, so express yourself boldly! This may be a new “power outfit” for more confidence at work, or something sleek and strong to inspire you at the gym. 

Then again, it may even be some sexy lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and alluring, so you can fully express your sensual side. And it doesn’t have to cost much, either. Dress to impress yourself.

Be the Kind of Person You Want to be Around

Follow these steps, and remember the power of perception can help you create a new reality. Start by celebrating your best qualities and biggest achievements and vanquish any old, outworn ideas. Then, imagine yourself as the person you want to become and feel self-empowered, and you’ll quickly discover your unique self and reach for the stars!

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