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Fall 2019 Fashion Trends to Fawn Over

Spring out of summer and fall in love — with some of autumn’s hottest pieces. This year, there are all sorts of options for fashion adventurers. No one is playing it safe, and everyone wants to express themselves with their style. For this season, the following three trends are sure to make an impact faster than the leaves in your backyard will fall.

Capes and Ponchos

Although these kinds of styles would once be reserved for only the most experimental, fierce fashionistas, designers have made these pristine pieces very wearable this year. The trend could be seen a few weeks ago on social media, with heavyweight houses like Alexander McQueen posting pictures of gorgeous, sumptuous capes with a multitude of accessories. However, McQueen is far from the only house to dabble in capes — and their approachable cousin, the poncho — this autumn. This Gucci poncho on The RealReal is not just fashionable; it’s also very practical. Whether you’re strutting through the streets of New York or hanging out by a bonfire in Nevada at night, the wool knit will keep you warm. A foldover collar and tassle tie make it stand out even more. And as we already know by now, clothes that are manufactured in Italy tend to last for the long haul. Perhaps that’s the best part of the cape/poncho trend. These are pieces that can stay in your wardrobe year after year, adding a dash of glamour to any ensemble in your closet.

Fantastic Florals

This year’s florals are not the florals of yesteryear; indeed, there is something truly exceptional about the flowers marching down the runway this year. One might even call them moody or romantic. The closest comparison would probably be a floral dress from actual Victorian times. Even design houses who are considered more minimalist or grungy — like Prada and Marc Jacobs — added the look to their riveting repertoires this year. A floral coat is always a surprising and romantic choice, as is a fabulous floral dress. Those who crave more vintage pieces may want to check out The RealReal and local vintage shops to source the perfect floral flair.

Luxurious Linen Blazers

Snap back to the eighties and early nineties for this luxe look, which can be paired with a number of items already taking up residence in your closet. The popularity of TV shows such as “Glow” and “Pose” undoubtedly inspired this return to gorgeous one-button blazers. For this look, the best part is that you don’t necessarily need to buy Gucci to make it work. Check out online offerings and see what’s available in your size; you may be surprised to learn that the price tag doesn’t necessarily have to be sky-high in order to look designer. For authenticity, you’ll probably want to opt for a secondhand piece. These blazers boast resiliency and longevity, allowing you to hang onto them season after season. When the weather is just beginning to get a slight nip in the air, this is the perfect piece to keep you warm while also helping you to stay incredibly stylish.

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