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Effective Car Theft Prevention – All it Takes is an Electronic Tracking System!

Are you planning on investing in a new car?

Even as you finalize the model and company you absolutely love, one of the first steps to take is planning for insurance and how to go about car theft prevention. Did you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute, in the year 2017, 773,139 cars were stolen in the U.S? Thankfully, though, the percentage of purloined cars is dropping in the past few years. And, technology is the “key.” Various tools now allow you to protect your investment and one of the most effective solutions that has emerged in recent times is the electronic tracking system.

Install one of these smart gadgets and you’d be surprised at the many features they integrate. Of course, the best advantage of all is that you could get cheaper car insurance because of the effective car theft prevention tools you have. Here’s why every car owner should opt for a digital tracking solution.

Electronic Tracking Systems are Easy to Install

The latest tracking devices are small and discreet (possibly as compact as a deck of cards), and can be installed anywhere in the car. For instance, trackers from companies like Spy Tec, Vyncs, Amcrest, GoFind Inc., and Optimus can be placed in the glove compartment, map pocket, under the car seat, or any other unobtrusive location where the thief is unlikely to notice them. While you can connect the gadget to the car’s wiring system for power, you can also opt for battery-operated trackers. Expect that the battery will last you around 7 days without the need for recharging. Certain models are designed to connect with the car’s accessory port or cigarette lighter for power. If you opt for one of these, you must remember to disconnect the device when not in use to prevent the possibility of the car battery going dead.

Location Tracking Across North America

Check out this feature on LifeWire that explains how the GPS tracker works to help with car theft prevention. The device uses advanced cellular networks that work similar to your cellphone which connects with the internet and network provided by the carrier company. In this way, it helps identify the exact location of your vehicle. The electronic tracking system relays a real time signal to your phone so you can track its movement on the map. Given the wide scope of the tracker across entire North America, the electronic tracking system is possibly one of the best solutions for car security.

You’ll receive information such as:

  • Exact Geolocation
  • Date and time when the reading was taking
  • Temperature of the car
  • Battery power level in the electronic tracking system
  • Quality of the GPS connection

The gadget also displays any deep sleep timings that you may have programed according to your needs. Like, for example between 10:00 pm in the night to say, 6:00 am in the morning. These may be the hours when the car is parked in the garage at home and safe. You’ll also note that such gadgets are not likely to get outdated anytime soon. As the manufacturer upgrades the system, you’ll receive updates that you can download and install.

But, that’s not all that these neat devices do. There’s more.

Creating a GeoFence for Safety

Like this article on CIO explains, an interesting feature of the tracker is the ability to set up a GeoFence. In other words, it marks out a particular area where you expect the car to be. The software or app that creates the virtual boundary is based on cellular data, GPS, Wi-Fi, or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). And, you can program multiple contacts who will receive an alert. Here’s how the car theft prevention tool works.

  • In case, the vehicle moves out of this safe zone, you’ll receive an instant alert.
  • Depending on the geographical area where you normally travel, you can choose from circular or rectangular target zones.
  • Since the device is integrated with your iPhone or smartphone, you’ll receive updates of when the car leaves and enters the GeoFence. This feature can be especially advantageous when you’re tracking a family car that teenagers also drive.
  • Each time you park the car and step out of it, the tracker creates an Automatic GeoFence that alerts you if the car starts to move and you’re not driving.
  • You’ll receive alerts if a thief tries to break a car window.
  • In case the car suffers an impact from the side, front, or back, the device sends you a notification.
  • Certain electronic tracking systems can also monitor the speed of the car and lets you know if it goes above a preset limit.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Theft Prevention Tool

While digital tracking systems can prove to be highly useful and practical solutions, you should use them with care. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as described by the folks at LinkedIn.

  • The GPS tracker works only as long as it is charged. Make sure to power it up regularly.
  • Install the gadget in a spot where it will remain protected from excessive hot or cold temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Handle the device carefully and keep it protected from dust and water damage.
  • Make sure the tracker has adequate exposure so it is able to catch signals properly.
  • Do keep in mind that such systems are ineffective if the car is parked in an underground lot, large building, or in a heavily wooded area. Passing through tunnels will also result in a lost connection.
  • When stepping out of the car, check that the gadget is turned on and functioning, and that the receiver is getting a signal.
  • If you frequently travel along highways at high speeds, get a model that continues to function and will not become ineffective.

When you’re spending thousands of dollars on a new car, investing a little more to ensure its protection is a smart move. Check with your auto dealer and online stores, and pick out the best GPS tracking system for the newest treasure of your life. You’ll sleep a lot better.

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