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DVC Resales

The word timeshare doesn’t normally give people a good feeling. The negative connotation is brought by the idea that with every timeshare comes hours of lecture about a desolate island where you’ll spend your summer vacation for the rest of your life while paying exuberant amounts of money. To top it off, most timeshares also don’t resell for the same value. The seller is almost always losing money.

While most timeshares are not good investments, not all are a total loss. If you’ve heard of Disney Vacation Club, you are familiar with how the Disney timeshare options maintain, and in some rare cases, increase in value with time. If you’re going to buy a timeshare, a Disney timeshare may be the best to consider.

About Disney Timeshares

The Disney Vacation Club launched in 1991. Currently, there are DVC destinations in Florida, California, and Hawaii. To become a member of the DVC you simply make a one-time purchase in one of the club resort locations.

DVC memberships have been considered one of the best timeshare options available for quite some time. Many people purchase DVC memberships and actually do save money on their vacations over time. That’s right! Although most timeshares don’t save customers any money, DVC timeshares have the opportunity to be valuable over time. This is because Disney is still a growing and expanding company. The park grows with every new movie Disney gets under its belt.

DVC Resale Value

When looking at the resale of timeshares in general, DVC resales are vastly different. Year after year, DVC timeshares have been at the top of resale value lists which makes them easier to sell than other timeshares. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to use a timeshare exit company with a Disney timeshare. With that being said, you still shouldn’t consider the DVC timeshare a financial investment. Rather, a way to save money on vacations over time.

All in all, DVC memberships hold their value better than other timeshares. However, should you consider purchasing a DVC membership of your own?

Before making any large financial decision, whether it be purchasing a timeshare or shares in the stock market, be sure to do plenty of research. Always make your decisions based on research and logic.

Remember that a DVC membership is essentially a way to prepay for vacations that you will have to pay for in the years to come. If you’re lucky enough to have the cash up front, you will be paying out-of-pocket tens of thousands of dollars for your family vacation. You’ll also want to consider the fact that you’ll have to travel to the same destinations within the DVC network of resorts every year to get the full value of your DVC membership.

For the most part, timeshares bought directly from resort developers are a waste of money. While they may provide a great vacation destination, they aren’t worth what you pay unless purchased on the resale market from an existing owner. With the Disney Vacation Club, not only do you get to visit the happiest place on earth, but you will also get to enjoy the fact that your timeshare is likely saving you money while you have a great time!


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