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Dressing To Impress: How You Can Add More Style

No matter where you are going, it’s natural to want to impress and add a touch of style to your outfit. However, knowing how to dress well to make a statement, whether you’re heading into the office or a formal occasion can take practice. Below, we outline the best ways to add more style to any outfit.

Accessorize well

For anybody hoping to add a touch of style to their wardrobe, then it’s time to invest in the right accessories. For women, this can be as simple as a statement hairband, staple handbag, or matching jewelry. Consider stacking beautiful birthstone rings for an original look. For men, a suitable and stylish watch or pocket square could be worn. However, the right accessories can really elevate an outfit and accentuate its cut, color, or overall aesthetic. Pick out colors within your outfit to highlight. Doing so will give you a finished, complete look which ties in and is well thought through.

Invest in signature pieces

Signature pieces will enable you to mix and match with ease. For example, a pair of killer boots or statement camel coat that you can wear year in year out will help define your key style and personality. By picking out a specific style of coat, or key color that suits you and you feel comfortable in, people will soon associate you with this look. This will enhance your style, personality, and also give you a basis from which to work on with your other clothing items. Find shops or online stores that have a vast collection of these staple items to help you build your capsule wardrobe, such as Gloverall.com.

Don’t forget your shoes

One practicality that can transform your look are the shoes you wear. Shoes can make an outfit and can be a real expression of your personality while providing comfort at the same time. Although the saying goes, ‘you can never have too many shoes,’ try and be sensible with your money and avoid splashing the cash on multiple pairs. Instead, have a few essential pairs that serve many purposes.

A good base for your shoe collection may include:

  • A pair of white trainers
  • A pair of black boots
  • Solid walking shoes
  • Casual shoes for the house/errands
  • Statement trainers
  • Work shoes
  • An occasion shoe – e.g., oxfords or brogues, smart black heels

This can apply to both men and women, as the above list should cover most occasions.

Dress for your shape

Dressing for your shape is a significant factor in working out your own individual style. You can accentuate your best features, and compliment your body shape so you will feel body confident and be your most confident self. For example, women with a small waist could opt for high waisted trousers. Shorter men should avoid long shirts and low waisted pants. Regardless of the shape you are, you can easily find styles that not only suit you but suit your body shape, leaving you feeling comfortable and happy no matter where you are.

Find colors that suit you

Surprisingly, finding a color that quits you is more important than you may think. Opting for a palette that complements your skin tone will instantly make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Picking out key colors will also make it easier to find your style and build on this accordingly. Similar to statement staples, sticking to a color palette will mean you will find more options that can be worn together. Overall this will save you money as you’ll find you wear every piece far more than if you had non-correlating pieces.

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