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Avocado Toast & Lattes: A Budget’s Biggest Foes?

Considering their reputation in the financial world, you’d think avocados and lattes were temptations created by the devil. An overwhelming number of financial pundits are blaming avocado toast and lattes as the reason why Millennials can’t buy a house. If the Snowflake Generation were just to cut out these frivolities from their budget, they would get a foot on the property ladder.

Have you wondered just how many lattes you’d have to not buy in order to save enough for a house? Now you can use this mortgage calculator to see how long you’d have to abstain from these small purchases in order to get a foot on the property ladder. Your options are lattes or avocado toast, bought at a frequency of daily, weekly, or monthly, and priced according to your hometown.If you live in San Francisco, your weekly sacrifice of avocado toast would save enough for a down payment by 2517.

Too bad you’ll be dead in half of a millennia.

It just goes to show you that your weekly Starbucks habit or Sunday brunch indulgence isn’t what’s stopping you from saving as much as you like. Glib financial advice fails to address the real issues from achieving your goals. Things like underemployment despite having a master’s degree or wage stagnation despite inflation causing prices to rise unchecked may prevent you from indulging in these treats altogether.

When a daily latte isn’t in your budget, other things like necessary bill payments and household repairs may not be within your means either. Unfortunately, if you’re like most Millennials, your previous financial track record hasn’t done wonders for your credit rating—which means you may find it a challenge to secure personal loans from conventional lenders.

That’s why the use of payday loans is growing rapidly within this generation. When you apply online with a lender such as MoneyKey, your credit rating isn’t the sole focus of their review process. Though they will take it into consideration, it’s not the only criteria that marks you eligible for their assistance. The specialists at MoneyKey weigh a variety of factors equally to determine if you deserve a payday loan or, if San Fran is actually home,if you could qualify for a California online loan.

It’s frustrating to read about your unmotivated and hopeless generation, especially when you know what they say about you isn’t true. Enjoying a bit of avocado during brunch once in a while won’t make or break your budget. What’s far more important is your ability to cover bills and repairs on time without facing late penalties and interest. Check out your option of payday or installment loans, and show the world a thing or two about the industry of the ‘Me’ Generation.

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