Are You Ready for a Committed Relationship?

Dating is fun, but sooner or later most people want to settle down with the man or woman of their dreams. Dating online or offline is a useful tool for screening out unsuitable candidates. We might start off chatting and flirting with several people, but after a while, we decide to go exclusive with one person in the hope that they are ‘the one’. Or at least some people do!

Have you ever dated a guy or girl who appeared to be super keen on you, but after a few weeks of intense dates, passionate emails and Arousr sexting, he or she just faded away? If so, you are not alone. Online dating has made it incredibly easy to pursue multiple people simultaneously, have fun, but avoid making any kind of meaningful commitment to any of them. For some people, this is the end-game. They don’t want to settle down. They are not interested in restricting their fun times to just one person. These people have a lot of love to give, so the question here is: are you one of them?

Are You a Serial Dater?

Think carefully about what type of dater you are. Do you enjoy dating multiple people at the same time? Is your phone red-hot with unread messages because you are too busy going on dates to reply to new contacts? Or do you prefer getting to know one person at a time?

Serial dating is common. Websites like Tinder make it easy to move on to the next person as soon as you start to get bored. You can chat to any number of different people at the same time, date as many as you have time for, and unless you are rude enough to go on a date with one person and openly text another at the same time, nobody is any the wiser.

There is nothing wrong with serial dating in the early stages of a relationship. After all, you don’t know if any of these relationships are going to work out. However, if you are serious about looking for a committed relationship, you need to concentrate on the person with the most potential – which means giving this relationship your all.

How Long Were Your Previous Relationships?

Do you have a history of short-term flings? If so, it would suggest you have commitment issues. People with emotional baggage tend to move on from one person to the next fairly quickly. They enjoy casual relationships and once it starts to get serious, they panic and disappear.

Any Toxic Ex’s in the Wings?

In most cases, commitment shy people don’t want to be in a committed relationship because they are afraid of being hurt. They tend to date people who also have commitment issues; people like them who have a history of toxic relationships with emotionally unavailable people.

If any of this sounds like your dating history, you should probably address some of your issues. Until then, stick to casual dating with likeminded people and have fun!

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