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Are Women Or Men Better Gamblers

We are moving toward an equal society which is a great thing especially with regards both sexes getting paid the same amount. It is important at the same time not to forget our differences and embrace the qualities that both men and woman possess. Online casino gambling is dominated by men but that does not necessarily mean they are the best fit. In this article, I will look at the stats to work out who is better at gambling? Men or Women?

The trend of women gambling is on the rise which is mainly due to the easy access that online casinos and betting apps have brought about in the last decade. Now it means that bets can be placed without having to visit any premises. Gambling establishments can be full of drunk men which makes it an intimidating atmosphere for women but thanks to the latest tech, they are starting to explore the different games and gambling options.

There is a very long way to go before the amount of women gambling catches up to the men. Around 18% of its active users are women which are extremely low but times are changing fast as due to the rise in popularity more developers are entering the market to cater to women.

The most successful gamblers on a whole are women as over their lifetimes they lose less money. Men on average lose a total of £3,709.44 each year compared with £2,659.22 on average for women. This stat alone shows that they are more successful and what makes it even more surprising is that it is achieved by gambling for a longer time period. Women spend over their lifetimes on available 2 months more than men at 21 months compared with 19 months.

Another surprising statistic is that woman is younger on average than men that gamble. It is estimated that the average age of male gambler is 33 compared with just 232 for females. This may explain why men on average deposit larger amounts totaling £94.00 compared with only £67.00 for women. Another factor is also that men earn more which is why they are able to afford to deposit more money.

Peer to peer gambling has also helped fuel the boom in interest in gambling with women. It means that they can bet against their male partner or friends who have helped add a community aspect that has brought both sexes closer. There is a lot of banter at these sites and it gives a platform where everyone is equal.

Over the last decade, we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of poker with women. This is a fantastic game that suits their temperament better than men in many ways. Sports betting will always be dominated by males until female sports become more mainstream. The UFC has done an amazing job of bringing more women to the world most brutal sport and now even have female headliners. If they are able to achieve it others are too so hopefully, we will see things change in the near future.


It is vital no matter what sex you are that you are responsible when gambling. Female gambling addiction is on the rise as this hobby does not discriminate. Make sure limits are set and never passed so that you can stay in control along with seeking help if you feel things are getting out of control. That means keeping your ego in check so you don’t end up placing bets that you cannot afford and not letting your emotions make your betting decisions.

The stats show that women are the better gamblers as they take fewer risks by deposing less and lose less money. With its popularity on the rise, men are going to have a battle on their hands to come out on top. There is a long way to go before the sexes are equal but with more women getting involved in what has been traditionally a male dominated past time, it will bring more equality to the industry. Expect to see more platforms that are designed for female gamblers in the years to come to help fill the demand.

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