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7 Pro Tips for Recording Videos for Travel

Sometimes, when you are on a holiday or a long-awaited road trip, you may come across moments that require a lot more than just a photograph or a snap.  Moments like these require video footage to do them justice. Video can bring your experiences to life , and this can be beneficial- whether you choose to upload it on a social platform or store it for your own personal use.

Given below is a compiled list of some of the best tips you can put to use when documenting your travel experiences on video:

  1. Add a personal angle to it. Instead of presenting a slideshow of all the pictures that you have collected during your travels, add some personalized aspect to the footage- like narration explaining the experience behind each particular shot. You could even edit footage of yourself in front of the camera, narrating your entire travel experience.


  1. Think about your audience as well. Obviously, you want your video to be interesting, and for that to happen, it needs to contain some interesting aspect to it. This could be a funny incident, something out of the ordinary that befell your path during your journey, or even you partaking in some interactive activities. This will interest your audience a lot more than some generic information about the place they can easily find on the net.


  1. Keep it short. Even if you have some incredible things to share with your audience, you will not be able to hold their attention for long. So, it would be best if you keep the footage at less than two minutes, ideally. Also, make sure that you stick to a single subject through the entirety of the video to avoid confusion.


  1. Use filters with discretion. You might be tempted to video filters them at will to suit your purpose, but using raw footage will help you exhibit the natural beauty of the local surroundings for your viewers.


  1. A video filter is great, but a filter on your personality? Not so much. Try to be as free as possible when you are recording footage of yourself. Loosen up and don’t shy away from being a little silly as well. Remember to genuinely have fun to create a good, entertaining video.


  1. Since most travel videos are typically two minutes in duration, you will have to transition from shot to shot a million times. How you do that can be critical to the success of your travel video. Always think about your transition when you’re shooting your footage. This way, it’ll be easier for you to edit everything in, and create a really cool travel video! It’s not the same as being in a recording studio, but it works.


  1. Always add some great, upbeat song to the background of your video. The music is almost as important
    as the video itself, as it helps set the mood and influences the audience’s reactions to a large extent as well.

While pictures are more or less easy to click, videos can be a little tricky to master. With these tips, however, you’re definitely going to do a great job!

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