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7 Hair Care Mistakes Your Making On A Daily Basis

Caring for your hair can be challenging, particularly if you are coping with a large amount of hair loss all at once. But with a number of treatments available to help prevent hair loss of all kinds, it is not impossible. With the afro hair transplant cost being more affordable than ever, those dealing with hereditary hair loss can have a fully restored hairline in no time. But what about mistakes in your everyday routine that could be causing your hair loss. In this article, we will be showing you some of the mistakes that you could be making, and how you can put a stop to it in the long term.

Taking Scorching Hot Showers

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when caring for your hair is taking scorching hot showers. This not only strips the hair of natural oils, but it can also harm the root causing hair to stop growing. This then not only causes it to become brittle, but it can lead to it falling out over a prolonged period.

Wrapping Your Hair In A Towel 

Though it is all to easy to wrap your hair in the towel when you come out of the shower, this can be damaging your hair in the long term. As you twist the hair when it is wet you are then leading to more damage as a result making this a common issue that could be doing your hair a lot of damage. By air drying your hair or using a cap to place your wet hair in, this can help to prevent breakage in the long term.

Brushing Wet Hair 

When caring for your hair straight out of the shower one of the key rules to follow is that you comb wet hair and brush dry hair. This will not only help to prevent tangling, but it will help to keep the ends free of split ends. Though it may take time to get a comb through the hair, this will ensure that there are no knots when you begin to dry the hair, prevent damage in the long term throughout the day.

Using To Much Dry Shampoo 

Though dry shampoo is a lifesaver when you are running low on time, it is important to remember that t much dry shampoo can clog the pores and starve the hair of oxygen. This not only stunts growth but can lead to the hair falling out at a later date when you run a brush through it. Therefore, using dry shampoo on in-between days can help to refresh the hair before having a shower the next day. Not only does it help to keep the hair growing, but it also prevents common issues such as dandruff and irritation to the scalp.

Wearing Your Hair In Tight Hair Styles 

Though hairstyles are not a major cause of hair loss, wearing your hair in tight hairstyles can lead to the hair falling out over time as unnecessary strain can pull it from the root. Whether this is hair in the back of the head falling out or hair at the front of the hairline, this can all lead to the hair becoming damaged over time. In order to prevent this, try other hairstyles such as plats and low ponytails as they pull the hair away from your face without any unnecessary strain.

Washing Your Hair Every Day#

Another common mistake that you are making is washing your hair every day. Not only are you stripping the hair of all its natural oils, but the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner can lead to your scalp becoming irritated and hair growth is stunted as a result. Therefore, washing your hair twice, maybe three times a week maximum will maintain natural oils and prevent the hair from falling out.

Skipping Heat Protection  

Skipping heat protection is the final mistake that you are making on a daily basis as this can lead to the hair becoming damaged as this can leave your hair open to extreme styling damage from heated products. This not only makes your hair look frizzy, but it takes away all the moisture from your hair leaving it looking flat and lifeless. With a number of heat protection sprays on the market, you can have healthy hair in no time at all making this a worthwhile investment.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can begin to repair your hair over time by rethinking these seven simple everyday mistakes, this can make your hair look and feel amazing all year round. Where will you start?

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