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6 Ways to Improve Your Website

A website is the face of your business and creates the first impression that many potential clients will receive. Thus, if your website isn’t appealing, you’re likely to lose customers, whereas you could be pulling in more than before with the right design.

Seo Matters on Your Website

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly called, is used to increase both the quantity and quality of your website’s traffic. This is done by manipulating the site’s ranking and causing it to display earlier in search results.


There are a handful of simple tricks you can implement to boost your website’s SEO and bring in more potential clients or ad revenue. If doing it yourself isn’t an option; you can always hire a professional.

Keywords on Your Website

Potential clients can search for the service or items you provide with a variety of words and synonyms you may have overlooked. By creating an extensive list of keywords and using them in the relevant spaces on your web pages will increase the relevancy of your site.

Color and Its Effect on Your Website

This aspect is easy to overlook as you’ll likely pick out your favorite colors when first designing your website. Regardless of how appealing it may look to you, the combination may clash or distract potential clients.

By using a color harmony guide, you can quickly identify the colors that work together. You’ll also want to pick colors that match your logo or your identity. Reds symbolize passion, blue represents authority, and gold can be a sign of wealth.

Prototype Your Website

Several web page designing companies will create early models to show you the direction your site design is going.  Brainboxlabs.com states that looking at a design file is different when compared to viewing actual prototypes.

Having this prototype, even while doing it yourself is worth the extra work. You can share it with colleagues or friends and family. Once you receive feedback, you can use that to build upon your current ideas and form the best website possible.

Optimize Your Website

It’s often easy to forget that a website designed for computer browsers won’t always work on mobile devices. The text may be zoomed out, off-center, or covered with pop-ups too big to close. The lack of optimization will drive mobile users away and may cause you to lose potential clients.

Over 52 percent of all online traffic is done on mobile devices. This statistic ios growing as phones and tablets are improved upon each year, and more people have access to the online world or a mobile device.

How the UI Affects Your Website

The user interface is how any visitor on your site interacts with it and moves from page to page, adds items to their cart, or submits a support ticket. A poor UI will cause clients to leave the website prematurely due to frustration and confusion.

One of the most common interface mechanics used by websites is a form designed to gain the visitor’s email, whether it’s for a newsletter or coupon. But by learning the email address, you gain a potential lead for a future client.

It’s the Small Things

The Pareto principle states that many effects come from a handful of causes. This 80/20 rule stands firm in even the designing of a website. The small details, such as keywords and SEO, can improve your client base and web reach immensely.

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