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5 Ways To Splurge While Spending Less

5: Spend More On Quality Experiences

Most of the time, people splurge on material goods and things that don’t hold that much actual significance to them. There are very few long-lasting memories that come from buying that new 3D 4K television set at Best Buy, even though the picture is pretty great! Instead, when you splurge, splurge on experiences, because those are, in the long-run, significantly more valuable and important than material goods. These kinds of experiences could be as simple as going out for the evening with your best friends. Or, it could be as “big” as taking a road trip down to the Grand Canyon with your family. There is no shortage of cool experiences to be had. In the end, it pays off to splurge on those incredible experiences, the ones that create beautiful memories, rather than on material goods that really don’t provide the same thrill. Nor do they give you the same amount of enjoyment, and, of course, the same beautiful memories that you’ll take with you for years to come!

4: Change Your Cable Provider

Cable is expensive, these days. But, in all actuality, television is expensive, as well. There are simply so many channels and so many platforms out there that, if you purchase a “premium package,” you’ll always end up paying a pretty hefty monthly fee. Even if you get a smaller package, you’ll still end up paying a lot. And in an age of inexpensive television, that simply doesn’t fly!

This review looks over the Area 51 IPTV package, and for a considerably smaller amount of money, you can have the same flexibility, the same massive catalog, all wrapped up in a much more inexpensive, far more accessible, package!

3: Budget – And Then Splurge

Before you splurge, take the time to budget. This doesn’t just mean looking at where your money is going and what you’re spending money on. It also entails understanding the financial goals that you have, and the things that you really want to spend money on. Perhaps, in your near-future, you’re looking at taking a really nice vacation, buying a new car or saving up for a down-payment on a house. Take into consideration these goals of yours, and then adjust the money that you wish to spend for your “splurge session” to better fit this goal. The key is, to do this without making it harder for you to achieve that goal or putting yourself into debt, which is definitely not the way to go. If you want to splurge, but you know you shouldn’t, remind yourself of the importance of that particular financial goal of yours, and why you’re doing all this saving. But, also, you can search for inexpensive alternatives to what you want to splurge on.

2: Take Inventory Of What You Are ACTUALLY Going To Use

This is in regards to splurging on things like clothing, electronics, make up, etc. Conscious budgeting requires that you really take into consideration the things that have the most importance to you. The things that you are actually going to use and appreciate. You see, there may be times when you feel the urge to splurge on things that seem cool, but you probably wouldn’t actually use them very much. Therefore, the money ends up being somewhat wasted. This is fine and all, but it’s best to do a bit of budgeting beforehand. Also, take into consideration just how much that item will “pay for itself,” as it were, when it comes to how much you’ll use it.

1: Create A Fund For Splurging

Set aside some money, every week or so, for a “rainy day,” as they call it! This money is for you to spend and to splurge as you please. You can spend it on whatever you’d like, and this money is always going to be there for you to splurge when you feel the need.

The main reason to do this is, you won’t have to worry as much about having money left over for bills or other necessities as this money has been set aside just for you to enjoy however you see fit!


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