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5 Ways Stress Affects Your Brain and Organic Treatment

The brain is an integral part of your body as it helps support different functions. One of the things it does is control your thoughts. It is made up of three main parts which include the brainstem, cerebrum, and cerebellum. The cerebrum is the part of the brain that controls thinking. It also performs other functions like controlling your body movements. This part of your brain also controls other senses like vision, hearing, touching, speech and also your reasoning. The brain also provides you with the right balance.

The cerebellum is the part of your brain that coordinates balance, muscle movements and your posture. That is the main reason why you may stagger a lot after taking alcohol because it affects the cerebellum and there will be no coordination in your muscle movements. The brainstem is what connects the cerebrum and cerebellum to the nervous system and controls essential body functions that are automatic like breathing, your pulse rate, sleep, digestion, swallowing and sneezing.

Taking care of your brain is essential as this is an essential part of your body and it will also prevent you from contracting different brain disorders. Stress is one thing that may affect your brain. It comes about as a result of various factors most of which are personal. Some of the common causes of stress include financial constraints, losing a loved one, underachieving and even illnesses.

How Stress Affects Your Brain

Stress may have a negative impact on your mental state in several ways which include:

Mental Disorders

You are at high risk of contracting different mental disorders as a result of stress. The chances of developing depression or anxiety as a result of stress will be very high. These are psychological conditions that may leave you in a deplorable state. You will also suffer from different emotional disorders as a result of stress.

Impaired Memory

We have seen how the brain is important when it comes to controlling your memory. You may experience memory loss more often when you are going through stress. The brain will have a difficult time trying to carry out this function. This can be characterized by confusion, increased forgetfulness, and low concentration. All these can affect how you carry out your regular activities.

Kills Brain Cells

Stress will also kill your brain cells which are essential for the functioning of this vital part of your body. Stress can kill neurons which are cells responsible for transporting messages from the nervous system to your brain to facilitate different functions in your body. It will also affect the production of hormones that support your brain function.

Affects Your Brain Size

Chronic stress will make your brain shrink. This can happen in different areas of your brain responsible for controlling various body functions like metabolism, your emotions, and memory. It will lead to the production of high levels of cortisol which can wear out your brain. This will affect different functions of your mind like decision making, impulse control, and your working memory.

Entry of Toxins Into Your Brain

Stress will lead to the entry of toxic substances into your brain which might affect your brain function in several ways. There is a semi-permeable barrier which is made up of cells that prevent toxic substances from entering your brain. Whenever you are stressed, this barrier tends to become more permeable, and it easily lets in other toxins to your brain. Substances like pathogens, heavy metals, neurotoxin, and other chemicals will find their way into your brain.

Natural Treatments for Stress

There are different natural or organic remedies for stress. They include:

Use of CBD

There are certain drugs most people usually take whenever they are stressed. Natural ones are considered the best as they bring no after effects. CBD, a product of cannabis is one of the best natural remedies. You can use products such as CBD oils which come into direct contact with your receptors and brings about the relaxation needed in your body. Chronic pain is another cause of stress in most people. You will get the Best CBD oil for pain which has anti-inflammatory effects and will helps to treat pain in your body. Make good use of this cannabis product for quality results.


Getting some quality sleep is also vital when it comes to treating stress. It is one of the best ways to treat this condition. When you are asleep, your brain is not subjected to a lot of activities, and there will also be the production of more brain cells.


You should find some time to meditate. Look for a silent room or place where you will be all alone to free up your thoughts. Yoga exercises among others can also help you meditate. A calm

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