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5 Things Every Traveler Should Know

What makes for a good traveler? There isn’t a written rule as to what a traveler should behave like and problems happen no matter how much we prepare for our trip. But, traveling is one of the greatest experiences known, which is why always try to find the perfect destination and have the vacation of a lifetime.

While you cannot really anticipate everything and know how to act in any given situation, there are some things that all travelers need to share. Call it ‘travelers’ common knowledge’. Here are the top 5 things we put on this list:

The Word ‘’No’’

There are literally two meanings to this and only one of them is the literal one. You need to learn how to say no in a foreign language to be able to communicate, that is a given. You should also know how to say ‘yes’, ‘thank you’, and all those other phrases you will find in the pocket dictionary we all carry around.

However, the meaning we are talking about is the one that applies to every place you will ever visit. As a foreigner, you are very likely to be approached by dozens of salespeople, as well as frauds. Knowing how to say no, thank you will help you get out of these situations. You wouldn’t want to spend all your items on things you don’t like just because ‘the vendor did not take no for an answer’.

Be rude if you must. It is the job of the vendor to sell things to potential customers and they often get overly persuasive while doing so.

Travel Insurance

We all think that we don’t need travel insurance because nothing has happened to us before. Call it bad luck or karma, but things are much more likely to happen to you when you stop getting travel insurance. It is the sad truth of our universe.

To avoid all kinds of stressful complications on your trip, get some travel insurance to have you covered. It is not a big expense at all but can prove to be life-saving when you are away from home. Starting with health problems which are very common, to delays and theft – you will surely enjoy that backup when a problem occurs.

The smartest move is not to rush into choosing your insurance. You might end up having travel insurance, but not being able to use it in a specific situation. Therefore, compare travel insurance companies and choose the one that covers everything you can anticipate.

First Aid

Things do happen and can happen, either to you or others. You never know, which is why the smartest thing is to be always prepared. Just take a local class for first aid or simply open your search engine and get informed. This can come very handy in a bad situation and who knows – you may even turn out to be a hero because someone needed the Heimlich maneuver and you took three minutes of your time to learn how to do it!


We are certainly not saying that you should take classes and learn how to become a professional photographer if this is not something you find interesting. But, the memories from your traveling experiences remain embedded in photography, so learning how to take a decent photo on a trip is a must for every traveler.

Not everyone knows how to take a good photo. In addition to your fancy smartphone or digital camera, learn how to make quality photos to remind you of your beautiful trip.


You will need money for your trip, that’s for sure. How much you will need will depend on how you plan your budget, where you sleep, what you eat, what is your transportation method, how much you spend there, etc.

Regardless of your budget, you need to be smart about your money. Always keep an emergency stash in case an unpredictable problem occurs. We’ve all heard those horror stories of credit card loss or theft that left people with no money at all.

Keep a secret stash of cash, just in case. It doesn’t have to be too much, but just enough to help you get back home.

Don’t forget – these five things are just the most important ones in a must-do list of every traveler. You probably want to make arrangements regarding your travel beforehand, and prepare for the risks that might occur. Just take your time, double-check everything, and go on your trip worry-free because everything is taken care of!

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