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5 Skills Freshmen Need to Learn Before They Go Off to College

off to collegeLeaving home to go off to college is a big deal.  It’s the first time college freshmen have lived on their own and that means it’s also time they have to fend for themselves.  Living on your own for the first time is both exciting and terrifying.  It’s nice to have freedom, independence and the ability to grow into the person you want to be.  However, on the other hand college freshmen have to learn how to become an adult and that means managing your own money, cooking your own meals and washing your own clothes.

Here are 5 skills college freshmen should have before they go off to college:


Learning how to cook is a huge money saver.  It’s not always practical for a student who’s managing classes, homework and a part time job, but cooking at home will help save a lot of money – it also helps avoid the freshmen fifteen.  It’s said that freshmen gain weight whey they go off to college and it’s true because always being on-the-go and eating out are unhealthy habits.


If you’re ready to go off to college, do you know how to do laundry?  Maybe the answer is yes and maybe the answer is no.  Maybe the answer is no because you still plan to come home every few weeks and have your parents help out with washing your clothes.

Trust me, they’ll be so happy to see you that they’ll be happy to help out – but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it.  Before you go to school learning how to do laundry is definitely an essential skill.

Managing money

US News says that teaching your kids about money before they go off to college can help avoid financial woes while away from home.  “Parents should make sure that students understand the basics of money management before they head to school, experts say. That includes maintaining a budget and paying bills, but teens should also understand how student loan debt will affect their quality of life after graduation.

Talking to students about how small expenses like buying a cup of Starbucks for $5 a day adds up over the course of the year can help parents teach students about the importance of using money wisely, experts say. The way that teens use money now can affect how much spending money that they have in college and the amount of debt that students take on and how quickly they’re able to pay it off.”

Grocery shopping

When you’re on a student budget every little bit helps.  Learning how to buy groceries, which kitchen staples are a must-have and which ingredients can be used several different ways (which is a big money saver) are all important skills to learn before you go off to college.

Having a student credit card can help students set a grocery budget and earn rewards points at the same time.  Before you leave home go with your parents to the grocery store and learn how much apples, oranges and peanut butter should cost.


Hard work is a big part of the college experience, along with socializing and working towards your goals, so having good work ethics will come in handy as a freshman – and throughout life.  For example, you may have to juggle your studies and extracurricular activities, and encounter difficulty while doing so, in this case, you can take credit-by-exam courses on subjects that you have experience or knowledge. By passing them, you’ll be able to earn those credits and have plenty of room to include in your  schedule while getting your degree. However, all the hard work in the world won’t help you get everything on your to do list done if you don’t prioritize.  Learning how to multi-task, work hard and set priorities will help any college student survive your freshman year.

It’s very possible freshmen will feel overwhelmed with everything that comes with college life, so learning how to prioritize while in high school can help make life a little bit easier while away from home.


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