5 Signs Your Clothing Doesn’t Fit Right

Many factors go into winning styles, and the fit of an outfit is one of them. When it comes to achieving the best look for you, proper fitting is an absolute must, with a few telltale signs out there that can help you know when clothes fit appropriately and enhance your look. 

Many people may not even realize they’re wearing clothing that doesn’t fit them, but the following signs are sure to help with that.

  1. You Can’t Move Freely

Having free range of motion is important when it comes to what you’re wearing, and one of the first signs that your clothes are the wrong fit is if you can’t move with ease. Shirts that ride up or expose the midriff are an easy giveaway that clothes are the wrong size. For instance, if you’re wearing a blazer and you can’t lift your arms completely up, there’s a big chance that your mobility is being compromised. 

If you feel restrained after attempting a hug, then it is time to move up a size from your standard blazer. Once you’ve gone up a size, tailor the jacket at the waist and arms to your precise measurements. 

It’s not just your clothes that should fit properly, as accessories are just as important. If you find your glasses slipping off constantly throughout the day, find progressive lenses online that provide the perfect fit and complement your wardrobe too. 

  1. They Leave Marks 

No one wants marks left on their skin from their wardrobe, but if you notice them after taking clothes off, this is a sure sign that they don’t fit properly and an upgrade is in order. 

The marks are the result of tight clothes constricting movement and leaving indentations around the body. Buttons and cuffs can cause marks, and the best way to remedy this situation is by going up a size or looking into alterations. 

Once you’ve adjusted your clothing to address the tight areas that are pressing up against your body and leaving marks, you can move up to a more comfortable size that is both stylish and still sensible. 

  1. Two-Finger Rule 

One of the oldest tests for a proper clothing fit is the two-finger rule: place two fingers around the waistband of the pants to ensure they fit correctly. If you have to force them in, or they don’t fit at all, that is the sign that you need to go up a size.

  1. Inner Pockets Stick Out

Pockets that flare out when your pants are zipped or buttoned up or have the inner lining showing indicates that they are the wrong size and need to be altered for a proper fit. Not only is the sizing wrong, but the inner pockets on display make the wearer look bigger than they are. 

  1. A Gap Between Buttons

A gap between the buttons on a shirt or jacket is more than a minor fashion faux pas and indicates that your shirt is too small and you should go up a size. 

The fact of the matter is that fitted button-up shirts may not easily accommodate large chests, and often, the fabric will stretch. If the gaps are too glaring, it’s best to move up to the next size and then have it tailored to your specific body type for the proper fit that accentuates your physique. 

The Right Fit

With everyone having a unique body type, finding the right size can be the difference between causing a scene and creating one. Before investing in new pieces to add to your collection, be sure to always check the size and ensure that they will be comfortable additions to your closet, rather than prioritizing their look or style alone.

There’s no good reason not to go up a few sizes without compromising the style or direction you want to pursue. At the end of the day, the correct measurements are essential to complete a look and help you put together the best wardrobe for your needs. 


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