5 Services Commonly Offered at Free Women’s Clinics

Free women’s clinics are commonly associated with providing free pregnancy healthcare, but they also provide services regarding many other aspects of women’s health. Here are five services commonly offered at free women’s clinics.

1. Confidential Consults

No matter whether you seek a free women’s clinic Cicero, IL or in Jacksonville, FL, you should find one that offers confidential consults. This means you can go to the clinic and be provided with confidential medical care, support and explanations of all options available to you. You can feel safe to discuss your specific situation and concerns with your healthcare provider, without worrying about judgment or being pushed to make a certain decision.

2. Abortion Pill Reversal Services

Free women’s clinics aren’t solely about providing abortions. They should offer several options to pregnant women in delicate situations. Additionally, many clinics may offer abortion pill reversals for certain situations, most commonly when someone regrets the decision to take the morning after pill. Remember, while the morning after pill doesn’t work immediately, there is a short window of time where a reversal process can be performed. If you’re seeking abortion pill reversal services, it’s imperative you contact your local clinic right away for information and assistance.

3. Support and Residential Programs

Most free clinics will offer support programs to pregnant women. These programs ensure women have access to services they need to ensure their pregnancies are healthy and monitored. Not only will the clinic provide ultrasounds and pregnancy care, but they should also offer parenting classes, mentorships and men’s and women’s psychological support groups. Residential programs are another common programmatic offering. Residential programs help women make sure their living situations are conducive to their health and their pregnancies.

4. Referrals for Medical and Community Care

Keep in mind that free women’s clinics usually don’t only offer immediate medical care. There are many clinics that offer referrals for medical issues they may not be equipped to handle and community programs for you to find broader support and assistance. For medical referrals, your local free clinic may not be able to assist you with specialized care for a chronic illness, such as lupus. In this case, you would be much better served to see a rheumatologist, but may not have the financial stability to do so. A free clinic should have the ability to refer you to an affordable rheumatologist or one who will treat the clinic’s referrals for free. Community care can include therapy and counseling, assistance in finding employment or finding access to food.

5. Dentistry

While not as commonly offered as other programs, there are still many free clinics that will offer dentistry services. Depending on the clinic, there may be a dentist on staff or the clinic may run a program in partnership with a local dentist’s office. If it is a partnership, the partnering dentist should take patient referrals from the clinic free of charge.

Free women’s clinics are a good alternative when you’re concerned about your healthcare budget or insurance, or want to be a bit more discreet regarding your women’s health concerns.

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