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5 Fun Fact About Botox

Botox is something that’s very tricky to learn about. On the one hand, all you seem to hear about it are negative news and some very unsettling rumors, how it’s dangerous and potentially hazardous and whatnot. I think we can agree on one thing: the media is really good at creating panic. And Botox has seen no shortage of misinformation and false rumors.

But despite all the negative PR that Botox has been getting since its commercial availability, it is still the most widespread form of cosmetic anti-aging. There’s a reason why Botox NYC treatments are so popular and entice so many New Yorkers into getting the treatment themselves.

But to give you a better understanding of why this compound is so popular not just in NYC, but all across the world, here are a couple of fun fact that more people ought to know about Botox.


  • It Was Discovered During Some Dangerous Times


Flashback a century and a half into the past and there is an outbreak of botulism in Europe which is actually causing death. The toxin was capable of disabling nerves, causing a lot of damage to the body. A Belgian scientist began studying the toxin and this is where the isolation and development of the botulinum toxin began.

While it does sound scary, the actual compound used in the cosmetic procedures is nowhere near as dangerous as it is used in a much more controlled environment and in tiny doses.

Nowadays, Botox treatments are much safer, with very rarely occurring accidents, which are very easy to fix themselves. If you’re worried about something going wrong during the procedure, you really shouldn’t be. Cosmetic surgeons study and train for their craft for many years before qualifying for Botox treatments. All clinics are carefully monitored to make sure that their safety standards are upheld, so as to not put anybody’s life in danger.

And the botox compound itself was approved by the FDA many years ago as a completely safe form of cosmetic anti-aging. So if you don’t trust articles you read on the internet, at least you can trust Federal bodies.


  • It Works With Your Nerves


Most people tend to wrongly believe that Botox is injected to puff up your face in order to make it look younger, but this is far from what actually happens.

The compound doesn’t puff up anything. Instead it soothes the muscles of the face, which are under constant pressure, whether you notice it or not. When certain nerves are numbed by the compound, they ease the muscles and smooth out the wrinkles above.

This is an oversimplification of what the compound actually does but it is nowhere near what most media outlets will have you believe. Sure, on the outside it may seem like botox puffs up the face, with modern iterations of the compound are made with subtlety in mind, as they strive to make the treated face look as natural as an untreated one. 

If a Botox treatment is performed professionally, there will be absolutely no puffiness to the face, but rather a layer of smooth and vibrant skin.


  • Its Original Use Wasn’t Cosmetic At All


The ability to numb certain kinds of nerves is actually a very useful ability in the world of medicine. In fact, the first use for Botox was in the mid 20th century, where doctors utilized the Botox originally as a way to treat defects of the muscles around the eyes.

Things like eye twitching, which is caused by the muscles around the eyes, were the original medical conditions which utilized the compound as a form of treatment. And it showed some very positive results in the process, even 7 decades ago, back when medicine was nowhere near as advanced as it is today.


  • It Has Other Treatments


And along with treating twitchy eyes, there are other applications for the compound, which are still in the testing phase. The compound’s ability to numb nerves allows it to be able to block certain kinds of neurotransmitters, which transfer the sensation of pain. 

And so with this in mind, Botox was injected into key locations of patients who were suffering from joint pains and as a result of it, partially lost use of their limbs. When Botox was injected, patients reported feeling 50% less pain and being able to move their limbs much more freely, without having to worry about the pain, since the Botox compound would numb the nerves and keep them from transferring the sensation to the brain.

The same application is being tested for migraines, a very widespread condition which causes very painful headaches. And there is also a treatment in very early stages of development, which uses the Botox compound to numb the effects of clinical depression. And while this may seem like a far fetched idea right now, who knows; maybe in the future, it’ll be a widespread treatment of the condition and others similar to it.


  • It’s Not Very Hard to Find


It’s understandable that if you see all your favorite celebrities getting treated with Botox, it’s easy to believe that the procedure is super hard to find and can be very expensive. But this is actually very much not true. You can find some amazing deals on the treatments, that’ll barely make a dent in your budget.

If you live in a big city like NYC, then you’re in real luck, as you have access to many clinics, including Skinly Aesthetics and their Botox NYC treatment plan, which is considered to be the best bargain you can get on the procedure.

And there are many more you can find, which simply require you to put a little extra time and do your research. In the end, you’ll end up saving money, but also finding some very satisfying results.

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