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5 Easy Ways To Show Her You Appreciate Her On A Budget

  1. Take Care Of The Dishes

It only take about 15 min, depending on the damage, and she will appreciate it more than you know.That is unless she is like my best friend who is OCD with the dishes and would prefer to do them herself but the way to her heart is if you put them away after she has cleaned them.

Personally, I just love not having to clean dirty dishes like most sane, stressed, tired women are.

  1. Pick Up Your Manties (Man Panties)

Don’t deposit your drawers wherever you are but put them in the hamper.

We really appreciate not having to bend over every 2 feet to pick up dirty man underwear and it is much easier to do laundry when it is all in 1 place.

Especially when they can be dropped anywhere in the house from the front door to the shower..

If you really want to wow her go ahead and just throw them into the wash and do a full load.

  1. Take Her For A Drink

To keep things on a budget have dinner at home but take her for a drink afterwards.

1 or 2 drinks each is a less expensive date that will make her feel special.A women loves it when you want to take her out and show her off. This is especially a big deal when your woman is a stay at home and just needs to get out once in a while.

  1. Picnic in the park

This is a full date that can be fun and inexpensive. You don’t have to pay the restaurant, a tip, a cab fare, or a drink tab. Make a quick stop the store with $20 or find a few things in the fridge that would be good for a picnic. Pack a basket with fruit, candy, sandwiches, drinks, a blanket, and don’t forget the bug spray. Bring things she likes and find a secluded spot with a breeze to lay down the blanket. Enjoy the day and the time together as so many dates these days are missing.

  1. Buy Her flowers

Every girl likes flowers and if your like my family and don’t like to see them die then buy her a live plant.It doesn’t have to be a expensive, unless you are trying to dig your way out of trouble. Find something happy with bright colors, you can never go wrong with red roses. Another fabulous option with flowers is to have them sent to her.The company I like to use is flowersforeveryone.com.au

It makes a woman feel special when flowers arrive at work in front of all her co-workers or at home to remind her you are thinking about her.

Some of these actions may seem like little things to you but as the old saying goes, ”a little goes a long way” and she will appreciate the thought that you put into trying to make her life easier.

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