4 Ways You Can Make Money at a Restaurant

Making a living is critical for keeping your bills paid. The good news is there are many jobs you can find in a restaurant that will enable you to accomplish this goal. This is a great location for increasing your income and working to have a higher quality of life. There are many roles that must be filled in a food service facility and knowing what these are is important for choosing the best one.


If you have the proper training, you may qualify to be a chef or cook in your restaurant of choice. Of course, this will take the right knowledge to achieve and to have the amount of success you desire.

Some things you will need to do before applying for this position include taking cooking classes or going to college for this trade. The type of restaurant you’re employed with will dictate the amount of safety knowledge you must have. For instance, a fine dining establishment may require you to have more expertise that one that serves mainly burgers and fries.

You may need to acquire an accredited California food handler’s card if you reside in this state and wish to be a cook. This state requires you to receive the proper amount of training when it comes to handling food to be able to avoid some illnesses that occur when food is processed. While each state has their own unique protocol, all 50 generally use the same system as California. The difference will typically only be the degree to which regulations are enforced.


Making a living as a manager of a restaurant can be a good idea. Of course, you may need to have a degree in Business Administration to make the largest income possible. Payscale states the average salary of a restaurant manager is $43,388.

Overseeing a restaurant is a large responsibility and will include keeping the number of employees necessary working for maximum productivity. In addition to hiring, training and firing people, you will also need to have a sound financial sense.

This will allow you to make wise choices that are helpful in making the largest possible profit for your business. You will also need to ensure the right amount of food is in inventory to prepare the meals.


If you enjoy waiting on others, you may want to be a server. This can allow you to meet many people and could be a fun way to make a living.

Keep in mind you’ll need to have the right personality to do this job and enjoy people. Having the right temperament is essential to remain employed as a server at any restaurant. Additionally, you will be able to get more tips by pleasing people if you have this job.


Do you love making alcoholic drinks and have the expertise? This can be one way to improve your communication skills and enable you to make a living at the same time.

Many people that sit at the bar want to chat with others and may rely on you as a person to talk to when waiting for a drink. It’s essential to have some training in this area to allow you to please your customers with the proper alcoholic beverages. It also doesn’t hurt to look attractive, at least when it comes to increasing tips.

Choosing from a variety of restaurant jobs can help you earn a healthy living. You will want to consider your personality before applying and committing to any job in this environment. Be sure to think of your likes and dislikes beforehand and the amount of training you have to enjoy the most success in any role you choose to have in this type of facility.

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