4 Ways to Make Money in Sports Without Being an Athlete

The world of sports is a vast one. With so much passion, friendly competitiveness, and intense rivalries, the sports industry is unique and enticing for people of all backgrounds. Many people grow up wishing to become a major league athlete one day, but only a few actually make it. 

Fortunately, the sports industry has so many sectors and opportunities for the rest of us that you can still make money and be part of the sports world without actually being an athlete. From sports market research to sports betting to sports reporting, you can be close to the action of your favorite players, games, and stadiums without actually getting on the field. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know of four different ways to make money in the sports industry without being an athlete. 

  1. Sports Blog and Social Media

If you have a knack for writing, editing photos, and keeping on top of trends, you may want to consider starting a sports blog or manage a fanbase social media page for your favorite sports team or sport. 

As a sports blogger, you can commentate on different games, trades, rules, and more. You can focus on news, opinion, or even rumored scandals. The angle is up to you! Place some advertising space and get some affiliate partners, and you can make money from this blog. 

If you’re more interested in social media, you can create a fan page for your favorite team or sport and engage with other fans. Be the first to share the scores and news about the team. You can even step it up a notch and actually manage the official team’s social media if you’re good enough! 

  1. Play in a Fantasy Sports League

Similar to sports betting, but arguably more fun and game-like, is participating in fantasy leagues. Players buy into a pool or pot, and the winner takes all at the end of the season. You must be up to date with your sports knowledge and keep up each week with the games. 

However, this can be a lot of fun, especially when played with friends. 

  1. Host a Sports Podcast

Do you absolutely love talking about sports? Could you talk about it for hours on end without getting bored? Then you may have what it takes to start a successful sports podcast. 

Team up with some of your other sports-loving friends or colleagues and record podcasts talking about everything there is, from trades to rules to recent games to what the players do in their free time. 

You may even find yourself interviewing some of your favorite coaches and athletes if you become popular enough. 

  1. Negotiate Sponsorships

Are you a born businessperson? Can you hold your ground in a debate and negotiate to get your way? Then you may want to work in the corporate setting behind the major sports teams. 

Negotiate with companies, brands, and arenas sponsorship opportunities for your team. Is Coca-Cola the go-to soda of your baseball team? Set up these contracts, sell your team’s image and reputation, and make some awesome business moves that will go down in history.  

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