4 things I’ll never do on vacation

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Do you have winter blues?  Feel like you need to get away?  I  know I do.  Up here in the snowy Northeast this time of the year is cold and grey; it makes me want to stay inside in my pyjamas or travel south to warmer climates.

As you know I love to travel, like really love it.  I was having lunch with my friend Lyanne yesterday and I was telling her about my upcoming plans to go to Las Vegas.  She said “I don’t know anyone who travels as much as you do.”  I know I’m lucky to live in a city that is so close to so many other great cities like New York and Boston.  The truth is I don’t take luxurious vacations every month; the reason I can travel so often is because I do it for cheap.

Travel for convenience

This is something I never do.  Of course it would be nice to book a direct flight, get on the plane , fall asleep and wake up in another country – but that’s expensive.  If I have to travel at less convenient times or make a stop along the route I will definitely do it to save on my airfare.  However one connection is where I draw the line, anything more than that just cuts into my vacation time.

Pay more for a room with a view

Whenever I book my travel online or over the phone with a customer service representative I’m always promoted to upgrade to a room with a view.  This is something I never do.  Last September I went to New Orleans for the FinCon conference and booked a city view room.  It was $10 more a night to book a room with a view of the Mississippi River, I politely declined.

There is no way I would pay extra for a room with a view because I am hardly ever in my hotel room when I’m on vacation.  When I am in the room I’m either taking a shower, getting ready or going to sleep.  I’m definitely not staring out the window thinking “What a pretty view”.

Share a room

Big mistake.  My recent trip to New Orleans was the first time I shared a room with other conference attendees and truth be told I will probably never do it again.  I thought it would be a good idea to share a room to save money, but trust me it’s not worth it.

Sharing a room and a bathroom with people you don’t know is an invasion of personal space, not to mention I don’t even think a standard hotel room has enough space for four women and all their stuff.  You know what I said about paying for convenience – well this is the exception.

Go all inclusive

I have friends who only travel all inclusive but for me it’s just not worth it.  I don’t drink alcohol and I’m a vegetarian so paying an inflated price for all you can eat and drink accommodations is just not worth it for me.  This is the same reason I don’t eat at buffets.

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  • We don’t go all-inclusive either. We do pay more for a room with a view, though, since we love to enjoy it when not walking / suntanning. We also love to cook some of our meals (fast stuff, that takes 20-30 minutes to do), since it helps us save a lot of money, which can be used to fund another vacation for instance.

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