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4 Reasons Why Dieters Regain Weight

Achieving a weight-loss goal is an amazing accomplishment –– and it feels great to finally reach a health-and-fitness target. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people find that keeping weight off is just as difficult as losing it in the first place. And many relapse into old habits and find themselves back at square one after a few months or years. But why? Today, we’re going to explore four reasons why dedicated dieters regain weight so that you can identify them and take steps to prevent unwanted weight gain:


Plain and simple, external stressors can lead to internal health issues such as weight gain. When people feel stressed they may be more inclined to indulge in unhealthy habits like eating junk food, drinking alcohol, and skipping exercise. The problem is that stressors aren’t likely to go away –– unless you quit your job and move to your own private island. Considering most of us don’t have that kind of capital available, we instead have to learn productive ways to deal with and manage stress.

Going it Alone

While a good number of people join fitness groups in an attempt to lose weight, many may decide to leave those groups once they’ve hit their ideal weight. The problem is that following a wellness plan on your own is extremely tough. Sticking to a diet and exercise routine is much easier with a support system in place.

Big Changes

A healthy lifestyle is predicated on following an iterative regimen. As such, anything that breaks up a person’s routine can affect their physical health. Getting married, relocating, starting a new job–– all of these factors can throw a monkey wrench into your schedule and make it difficult to maintain your healthy habits.

Natural Bounceback

The reality is that caloric deprivation can lead to a natural reaction from the human body. Hormones may change and make it more difficult to lose weight or maintain a weight below a certain threshold. And over time, the body will try to revert to its previous state. It’s important to realize this fact now; gaining a few pounds back after a long period of sustained weight loss is no reason to be upset. It’s natural. Just make sure to keep a healthy diet and exercise routine going in the meantime.

The Bottom Line

One thing that dieters can do to ensure they stay at their healthiest is to speak regularly with their doctor. True, it can be a little unnerving to visit a doctor’s office if you haven’t been for a while –– everything from a gray top tube to a stethoscope can unsettle a nervous patient. However, doctors use their equipment to ensure your health and well-being, and they’ll be able to provide you with cogent advice for maintaining a healthy weight!

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