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4 reasons parents prefer getting a microscope for kids as a Christmas gift

Microscopes have come a long way in the past years, and that’s because most of the models we have come across now boast a unique design, are somewhat more user-friendly compared to their ancient counterparts, and they often offer loads of convenient features.

Every time Christmas comes around, parents are trying to figure out just what the perfect present for their children might be. We’ve noticed that there’s been an increase in microscope sales whenever the holidays are approaching. There are several reasons why parents seem to think that microscopes make great gifts for kids. We’ll detail some of them below.

Learning to use a microscope requires a bit of commitment

Depending on the model that the prospective buyer will select, microscopes can be easier or harder to work with. USB microscopes, also known as handheld models, are significantly simpler and therefore, easier to use, especially when compared to their full-size counterparts.

Learning to use a compound microscope or even a stereo one, for that matter, is far more complicated. For one, such a device has heaps of parts that need to be figured out so that the kid doesn’t accidentally break a piece. But compound alternatives are far better if one is looking for superior magnification.

They can be used for crafts

If the child is creative and likes to DIY whenever they have some time on their hands, it’s safe to say that a stereo microscope can mean the world to them. It stands to reason that USB models can also make great choices in this respect, but they provide lower quality images.

In fact, the lenses that most USB microscopes are outfitted with aren’t even made of glass. It’s common knowledge that plastic isn’t particularly good at ensuring a decent light transmission. Plus, it can melt if the temperature in the environment or that of the whole device gets too high.

Microscopes can help the kid learn more about biology

Depending on their complexity, these devices can make a difference in the child’s biology grades. The simplest things that one can use a microscope for is looking at the cells of plants they’ve collected from their yard.

While we do not recommend trying to prepare certain types of slides at home, parents could at least teach the kid the importance of some types of cells. In fact, both parents and children could use a microscope to glance at some skin cells from those they’ve collected from their own bodies. They can do the same with hair and nails.

They can uncover the mysteries of life

In the end, even the most basic microscope for a kid, as reviewed by Opticsandlab.com, can help him or her to understand that there’s more to life than what the eye sees. Understanding how insignificant we all are in comparison to the rest of the world is a good way of ensuring that the child grows up realistic and humble.

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