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4 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Groupon


I’m a girl who loves a good deal.  I am telling the truth when I say I really really love saving money.  It makes me feel like a million bucks.  I’m all about high quality experiences and goods at low prices.  That’s why I love shopping at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  I’m also a huge fan of Groupon.

Why try something new if you love what you have

I know there are some other discount websites out there that offer goods, services and vacations for less than market value, but I really love Groupon.  Part of that is because Groupon was the first deal website I ever signed up for and I don’t really like change.  Another part of my obsession is just because everything about Groupon, from the easy experience to the quality of goods is awesome.

I first joined the site because my co-worker purchased a $20 restaurant gift card for only $10.  I wanted to have lunch with her so I joined too.  I was immediately in love with getting 50% off essentials, like food.  Then I started receiving daily deals emails showcasing new discounts on a variety of products.  Obsessed!

It’s all good now, but it wasn’t always all good

At the beginning my experience with Groupon was a love/hate relationship.  I purchased a few deals that weren’t worth the money, meaning even the discounted price was a waste.  When I tell you that saving money makes me happy, wasting money makes me sick – physically ill. I had a couple bad experiences but for some reason I kept coming back.  Ah the things a girl will do for a good deal.

I purchased a few cheap haircuts and ending up going to see my regular hairstylist afterwards.  Oh well I guess we live and learn, right?  Now that I’m older and wiser I use Groupon to buy discounts at places I already know and love.  That way I can avoid being disappointed when trying new things and I save money on  my regular purchases.  It’s a win-win.

If you haven’t tried Groupon yet here are four reasons you should get on it:

It’s easy to use.  You can join/login using Facebook or your email address.  It’s really that easy all you do is enter your email address and a password and you’ll start getting deals in your area.

Mega discounts.  I’ve purchased deals at restaurants, spas and even at stores I love.  I once got $40 of products at The Body Shop for only $20.  How amazing is that!

Vendors love it.  I thought the process at the actual vendor would be complicated, but it’s really not.  A purchased deal only includes the price of the actual services.  Taxes and tips are at your own cost, but even then it’s still a good deal.

You can buy gifts.  There are usually no restrictions on deals.  You can buy them for yourself or for a friend.  That way you can enjoy the deal with someone else.

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  • I was once a Groupon fanatic, then I found I was spending too much money on it. It was like having a credit card without a spending limit, and I found myself buying things I normally wouldn’t buy. Even with the sales, I was still spending way too much money. It’s a great site if you can hold off on pushing the “buy” button too often, but I found it too tempting too often.

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