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4 NASCAR Drivers Who Went to College

Whether you love NASCAR or you are an aspiring driver or sports fanatic who wants to pursue a career in your chosen sport, this does not mean you cannot gain a qualification beforehand, just as these top NASCAR drivers did. Below are a few drivers who had degrees before they started NASCAR or who pursued online degrees whilst they were performing on the track, showing determination and perseverance.

Brett Bodine

Although not as popular as his brothers Geoff and Todd Bodine, Brett managed to get the pole five times in his NASCAR career. Brett used to perform in the Winston Cup series and still makes himself known during cup series events. Although Brett didn’t get to where he hoped, he did have a degree in mechanical engineering, meaning he could fall back on this and maybe even work with NASCAR, just not as a driver.

Jennifer Jo Cobb

Showing women aren’t just a pretty face, Jennifer not only did great in her NASCAR career but also earned a degree in journalism, using her NASCAR experience as a benefit. A great female NASCAR driver, she earned sixth place in 2011 in the camping world truck series, making her one of the most successful NASCAR women out there. Whilst still driving, Jennifer also became a sports commentator professionally, having something to fall back onto, which incorporated her love of NASCAR.

Ryan Newman

If you love NASCAR, you will know who Ryan Newman is. If you don’t, you may know him under his NASCAR name “Rocket Man” – and he has earned that name for a great reason. He still works under a team in the Monster Energy cup series. Not just a dab hand behind the wheel though, Ryan went to university before he got to where he is today. Ryan studied engineering and came out with a bachelor of science. Having this degree behind him makes him handy on and off the track for his teammates. If you are an aspiring athlete, you too can get a degree whilst playing your favorite sport with a sports scholarship from Athletes USA. Not only is it great to have something to fall back on if your sporting career doesn’t quite set off, you could also study something related to your sport, like Ryan.

Bill Lester

Bill Lester is known as the first African-American NASCAR driver to compete in the Craftsman series full-time. Bill had a great brain on him and managed to get two bachelor’s degrees, one in computer science and the other in electrical engineering. He then worked for famous computer software company HP before driving for NASCAR. Although his driving career didn’t work out, Bill had not one, but two degrees to fall back on and he still got to live his dream as a full-time NASCAR driver, even if it didn’t last as long as he’d hoped.

For NASCAR drivers, as well as other athletes, education can be at the back of their mind as their sport comes first and takes up too much time. Getting a scholarship is a great option if you want to get a degree behind you too.


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