3 Foods That Can Seriously Affect Your Cognitive Ability

Eating healthy is something a lot of people strive to incorporate into their everyday lives. It’s a good practice to get behind because it can help you avoid physical health ailments, keep you more energized and give you a stronger chance at living a long life. However, many of the benefits of eating healthy foods and practicing healthy lifestyle choices usually relate to your physical body and not your mental health. However, if you have the healthiest physical body but a struggling mind, you won’t get to enjoy life to the fullest. Cognitive decline affects a lot of people as they age, and you can search for the best memory supplements on the market to combat any type of slowed cognitive response. However, eating healthy and avoiding certain foods is another way to aid any supplements you’re taking to keep your brain functioning at a high level. Here are three foods you should avoid because they’re very harmful to your brain.

1. Fried Foods

Face it – sometimes, you just need fried foods to help you feel better and find comfort. However, it’s imperative to monitor the amount of fried food you eat. Not only does oil-heavy food clog your arteries and blood stream, but it can also destroy the nerve cells in your brain. Many fried foods are full of refined and processed chemicals that are anything but natural and very bad for your body. These chemicals can affect the functionality of your brain and actually create a chemical imbalance that leads to hyperactivity in children. While fried food is loved for its crunch, you can simulate that same crunch when you cook in an air fryer.

2. Pre-Cooked Foods

These foods are even worse than fried foods because they’re chock full of preservatives and additives. That’s why these foods can stay “fresh” for so long in your freezer because of everything that’s pumped into them to keep the food preserved for years on end. Pre-cooked and processed foods have been linked to Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, so ending up with these diseases is extremely debilitating and totally changes people who unfortunately are diagnosed with any brain-shrinking disease. Opting for fresh, home-cooked meals that you can freeze on your own is a much better idea than succumbing to the ease of processed and already prepared foods.

3. High Salt Foods

If you’re someone who loves sprinkling salt on everything, you may want to reconsider. High salt amounts in your body is not only bad for your heart and other vital organs, but it actually affects your brain in a similar way to drugs. If you consume a large amount of salt, your body goes into a withdrawal phase and experiences the same effects as if you were weaning off drugs. This co-dependence on salt affects your brain and body in very dangerous ways.

It’s not possible to eat healthy for every meal and at all times. However, being conscious of what food you consume is a good idea to keep your body and brain working well for years on end.

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