12 Pieces of Workout Equipment for Home Workouts

With quarantine orders still in effect in some states and the threat of the coronavirus still present, more people are skipping the gyms and adopting a home workout routine. For some, this can be quite challenging due to a lack of equipment at home. If you are among those who need to invest in workout equipment, here is a list of the must-haves:

1. Kettlebells

For a whole-body workout that would really help your muscles, you have to get a kettlebell. This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can have for your workouts. From squats to swings, you can surely shed tons of calories after a half hour workout. Plus, you don’t have to worry about space, since it is relatively compact for easy storage in your bedroom or garage.

2. Barbells

Another must-have when you are working out at home is barbells. They are great for strength training exercises and for improving your balance. If you have limited space at home, you can go for a smaller size that can still take the weight that you usually work with.

3. Yoga Mat

Even if you don’t do yoga, having a yoga mat will do you wonders. They are great if you expect to do a lot of floor exercises, such as crunches, pushups, bird dogs, and mountain climbers, especially if you have slippery floors. They are also a solid option for doing your basic stretching.

4. Power Cages

Now that you have a taste of home workouts, you may realize that you no longer have to go to the gym and pay monthly membership fees. If that’s the case, invest in a power cage at home, but only do so if you have ample space. A classic power cage can give you the best foundation for conditioning and strength exercises, including barbell squats, bench press, and deadlifts.

5. Battle Ropes

If you need to spend a good amount of time on your cardio, try including battle ropes into your home exercises. There are several exercises that can keep your heart pumping. Start with waves and proceed to slams. Make sure that you have space and a strong anchor to hook the ropes securely.

6. Punching Bags

If battle ropes aren’t your thing, but you still need to pack on your cardio, then get yourself a punching bag. It is an excellent alternative for burning fat while ensuring that you are building up power and speed. If you’re getting a punching bag, make sure to secure yourself properly fitting gloves and wraps.

7. Suspension Training Systems

If you want the ultimate bodyweight workout and don’t have the budget to buy a power cage, you can still find value in getting a suspension training system. These training systems are also perfect for those who have limited floor space.

8. Indoor Exercise Bike

Another good heart-pumping exercise equipment you can have for your home is an indoor exercise bike. This piece of equipment is perfect if you want to amp up your cardio and increase the strength of your hips and legs. They are also great for those who want to exercise indoors but get an outdoor feel. There are tons of apps that provide augmented reality (AR) routes and interval training to improve home workouts.

9. Balance Trainers

A complete home workout is not only through cardio and strength training. You also have to include balance in your routines. Get balance trainers like Bosu or stability balls to test your balance. Fire up your stabilization muscles, which are often neglected. These stability balls are also great for activating your core.

10. Rowing Machine

For those who have ample space at home, investing in a rowing machine is also an excellent choice. Rowing machines can give you low-impact cardio with its calibrated resistance. They are also great for strengthening your arms and legs for a complete home workout.

11. Power Tower

Another great piece of equipment for strength training that doesn’t take up much space is the power tower. These power towers are compact but powerful enough to give you an option for chin-ups, pullups, and dips. Make sure to get one that can support your weight.

12. Weighted Vest

If your bodyweight workouts are getting too boring, switch it up a notch by adding weight to your workouts, and a weighted vest can do the job perfectly. Get the one that allows you to customize the load and is not too bulky that can interfere with your workout.

Before you go all out on your home workouts, make sure to start slow and increase the challenge gradually to prevent injuries.


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