Who Cares If Resolutions “Don’t Work”?

I knew it would happen.  The landslide of awesome and inspirational 2011 resolutions posts from last week were, of course, followed up this week with posts about how “resolutions don’t work”.

Who cares?

Yes, for the most part, many people forget about their resolutions/goals/dreams by the end of January.  The new hope that rolled in with the New Year is easily forgotten with the monotony of the daily grind.  Many people will sign up for gym memberships (I know because I saw them all at my gym tonight) and many will stop going to the gym in just a few short weeks.

But, guess what?  Some won’t forget their resolutions.

There will always be a few who emerge from the year victorious (and buff?).  Some will meet their resolutions and maybe even make permanent changes in their life.

Goals give us hope and motivation.  They encourage us when we don’t have anything to look forward to.  They give us something to work towards.  While it’s true that we’ll never meet many of the goals that we set for ourselves (like that goal I set for myself to be on the 3rd season of Jersey Shore … dang it), we WILL meet some of our goals.  And if we never made those goals because someone told us that we wouldn’t reach them, well, we would never have reached them!

Take my friend, Matt, for example.  Matt was overweight until he was twenty years old.  One year, Matt made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape.  That was about 8 years ago.  Since then, Matt has already ran 2 marathons and is now a total gym rat and health freak.  (I didn’t even make that story up, I swear.  Matt is a real person and that story is totally real. 😉 )

I made 9 goals last year.  I succeeded at 7 of them.

Dream about being the next president.  Dream about being the next new model in the Victoria’s Secret runway show (anyone else do that?  Just me?).  Dream about being the next blog that Time magazine will name in their 25 Best Blogs of the year (Just me, again?).

Make goals for yourself. In fact, make outlandish, ridiculous goals for yourselves.  Who cares if you don’t meet all of them?  At least you tried.

Did you make New Year’s resolutions or goals this year?

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  1. I usually do. I think it helps if you make goals for yourself throughout the year, though, rather than just once per year.

  2. You’ve gotta love the new year. The only time when the gym is crowded, but you can take solace in the fact that about 92% of those people will forget they are still paying a gym by the time the 2nd bill rolls around in feb. I agree with you on the goals – most dont work, but who cares? You’ve got to realistically understand your situation and how much time you’re likely to have available to work on it. I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to become a victorias secret angel, but they keep telling me no – something about my walk being off and my shoulders being to big. I just keep working at it though. Maybe this year.

  3. Ahhhh I’m getting married!!!!! I’ve been reading your blog and very excited!!! Keep writing!!!!

  4. Amen, sister! I had an amazing year in 2010, and it was thanks in large part to committing to some goals and working on them all year.

  5. I think I have nightmares about running around on TV in my underwear … but I wouldn’t call it a dream:)

  6. I actually just wrote a post about how I’m taking a break from resolutions. I agree that they should be out there. As the saying goes, shoot for the moon and at the worst, you’ll land among the stars.

  7. Couldn’t have sad it better myself. Even just the process of thinking about your resolutions, and imagining what improvements you can make to your life is helpful, even if you don’t reach all of your goals. Set resolutions every year, even if they are the same as last year’s.

  8. I did make resolutions and goals and I take them seriously. I don’t listen to the ney-sayers, which leads to unexpected success in somethings and sometimes it doesn’t :-(

  9. Agree on all accounts! I don’t make resolutions but try to focus on something. Like being less snappy to my Mom (even though I know she can handle it) or doing something new. Last year, I volunteered, took some fun trips and started weightlifting! This year I want to try rock climbing. And keep in touch more with my brother who lives in a different state.

    And btw…is Matt single? 😉

    • Ha ha. Actually, yes, he is! He’s a bit of a free spirit though, so I an anticipate him being single for a verrrrrry long time. LOL!

  10. I am all about setting goals for this year. I am in favor of resolutions, too. I think many people take an all-or-nothing approach to resolutions. Often it’s something like, “Go from being a total couch potato to working out every single day!” Well…why not start slowly and increase from there? That might be more achievable.

  11. Haha I made a resolution to make monthly goals!!

  12. I don’t usually make resolutions, I think they often are ill-conceived, not fully planned, and fail. However, this year, I made a big lifestyle change and it just happened to occur during the New Year – starting up at the gym, and trying to really, truly, get fit and healthy and lose 75 lbs! Technically *not* a resolution, but if you go to my gym I look just like every other resolutioner that shows up. However, I’m in it for the long haul. I am doing it with my boyfriend, and with a close girlfriend. I’ve made a pact to change certain behaviors (no more fast food, no soda). My boyfriend and I are planning meals and shopping to support healthier (lower calorie) meals. I am bringing my food to work every day, and I feel positive and serious about it all. The timing just was bad!!

    I encourage anyone else out there to keep trying whatever goals you set for yourself. Set a plan to get there, that’s the only way!

    • Keep it up! Good luck on your life change … over time the “change” will become easier and easier and will just become part of your life. 😉

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