4 Lists You Need To Make

Post Its

As you may know I’m a huge fan of making lists.  I like to write down everything from my list of daily tasks to my list of long term goals.  Seeing all the things I have to do on paper right in front of my eyes gives me a sense of calm when my mind is chaotically running with all the things I have to get done.

I like to write down my thoughts, I have several journals at home to write down my ideas and thoughts.  I also have a horrible memory so if I don’t write things down I will completely forget them five minutes later.  Writing down lists to organize my life in an agenda is no different than organizing my thoughts in a journal.  I also like making lists because crossing tasks off the list gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Do you love making lists?  Here are 4 lists I’m working on right now.

1. My daily things to do.  I have an agenda at my home where I plan my week with movie dates, freelance deadlines, volunteering activities and travel plans.  I also have another agenda at the office where I write down everything that I need to get done each day.  I also have a calendar on the wall in my bedroom where I write down other little important things such as weight loss goals.

 2. Vacations for the year.  I love travelling.  I absolutely love it.  I try to take two vacations each year (if my budget allows it) and as many road trips as I can.  I love escaping from my routine life and I love waking up in new cities.  Writing down all my travel plans on a calendar gives me something to look forward to.  Planning my vacations takes my mind off all the stress and drama or daily life.  When I’m having a bad day I like to plan my vacation from travel accommodation to shopping lists because it makes me smile.

3. Your budget.  Life is about money if it’s not about anything else.  You won’t be able to go on vacation or out to dinner with friends if you don’t plan your income and expenses.  Whether we admit it or not our days start and end with money.  We wake up and go to work to make money and we come home at night to relax in our home which costs moneys.  Living a life around money doesn’t make us superficial, it just makes us practical.  Everyone budgets different, some people daily, some weekly, some biweekly and some monthly.  Regardless of how you manage your money we should all know when money is coming in and where it’s going when we spend it.

4. Long term goals.  This comes back to having something to work towards.  Long term goals can be anything from major vacation plans to career goals.  It’s a long term goal that creates short term goals such as savings goals or learning a new skill set. Think about where you want to be in two years, in five years.  Maybe your goal is to move to a new city, maybe you want to go back to school or maybe you want to change careers.  Write down your long term goals then write down a list of all the things you need to get done in the short term to achieve your long term goal.

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Friday Faves: Pedicures, Summer and Ice Cream


Good morning Loves and happy Friday. I think it’s safe to say that summer is officially here. I think Memorial Day really kicks off the summer season. It’s the beginning of barbeques, sexy tans and lots of summer fun.

My friends and I have a routine for the change of season. We always start the summer pedicures and ice cream, so that’s what we are doing this weekend.

How to do you celebrate the beginning of summer?

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Finding my happy place

Zen Happy Place

Do you ever just want to escape? You know, step out of your life and your daily duties to clear your head? I definitely do. Sometimes it’s because I had a bad day at work, sometimes it’s because things aren’t going as planned and sometimes it’s just because I’m overwhelmed with everything going on in my life.

I read on Huffington Post that 30 minutes of meditation per day can help battle anxiety and depression. I also read in Marie Claire magazine that 30 minutes of meditation per day can have the same health benefits as working out.  I like to clear my head and meditate – but not in total silence.

Take some you time – just for you

Some people think that meditation has to be done in a quiet room full of rocks and water. But that’s not true. Meditation can be done anywhere we can empty our head, focus on nothing and not worry about anything. I like to get outside when I visit my happy place. I like to walk through the park and down little residential streets because it lets me escape from life in the big city. It also lets me work on my tan.

I like to take some me time and go off to my happy place because it’s good for my mental state. It helps clear my head and I get to have some alone time to just do whatever I want to for 30 minutes a day – 60 minutes on the weekend.

How do you find your happy place?

Clean and organize. Everyone’s happy place is different. Relaxing is a relative word because what’s relaxing for me may not be relaxing for you. My mom likes to clean when she goes to her happy place. Some people reserve household chores for the weekend, but not my mom. She loves to scrub, clean and reorganize rooms in her home when she’s having a bad day.

Get active. My sister’s happy place is on the treadmill. My sister works out every day and when she has a bad day she works out twice. She burns off all her extra energy and stress by running balls out on the treadmill for 30 minutes twice a day.

Peace and quiet. My dad’s happy place is on the lake. He loves spending the afternoon fishing with his friends – he’s retired so he has a lot of free time.   Every year my dad and his friends rent a cottage up north and spend a week fishing together out on the lake. It’s been a yearly ritual for over 25 years and every year my dad looks forward to it like a kid in a candy store.

Get lost in a book. My best friend finds her happy place in books. She absolutely loves to shut off her phone and read. When she’s going through a rough time she can read a whole book in three days. She gets lost in the characters and the storyline and nothing else matters. Bills, boyfriends and family members don’t get to her when she’s lost in a book.

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How to compare payday loans

[The following is a guest post] Payday loan otherwise known as short term loans come in handy whenever cash is needed in a hurry. However, choosing the right lender is a huge determinant enjoying the terms and conditions of the payday loan. Different lenders offer different terms and conditions which they deem best suite their clients. Therefore, it is very important to compare payday loans to make sure that you are going for the best possible deal available in the market.

In as much as payday loans may not be your thing, however, when you decide to consider them always ensure that you do a comparison of the payday loans before applying for them. Another important factor to consider before applying for a payday loan concerns the fact that you only need to apply for one if you are sure you can afford to pay it back in time. You also need to understand how payday loans work and know that the cost of borrowing is slightly higher than other conventional forms of credit advances.

People usually consider payday loans as a last resort to borrowing due to the terms and conditions that accompany these kinds of loans. However, in the case of cash strapped consumers who usually find it hard to borrow funds from some of the mainstream lenders, short term loans have become their most ideal mode of funding.

coinsFinding the right payday loan  

Consumers are always presented with a daunting task when it comes to comparing payday loans. The easiest way to approach this predicament in to begin by asking yourself some of these critical questions:

How much and why you need the loan?   

Before you can even compare payday loan, you need to identify the reasons as to why you really need the loan. Different lenders offer different amounts hence depending on the amount and purpose of the loan; you can use this to influence your decision.

What would be your payback period?

You need to establish how long it will take you to repay the amount borrowed before you can pick a lender. There are those companies that offer up to five months while others only offer up to your next payday.

What is your employment background?

Since most payday loan lenders tend to make deductions from a borrower’s paycheck, your employment situation is an important factor to consider. Different lenders also tend to offer flexible lending criteria by simply taking a look at your employment background.