Would you like to be a child star?

Full House

Good morning loves.  I spent this weekend laying in bed watching reruns of classic TV shows from my childhood such as Full House and Who’s The Boss.  I hurt my back a couple of week ago and other than going to work and my trips to the chiropractor I have pretty much just been laying on my back trying to get better.

What’s your favorite classic TV show?

I didn’t mind the mandatory relaxation because it let me relive my childhood by watching hours and hours of my favorite sitcoms.  What is your favorite 80s or 90s classic TV show? I loved watching The Cosby Show, Growing Pains and of course Full House and Who’s The Boss.

There is nothing like a good old wholesome family show to help you forget your worries while having a good laugh.  It took me back to a time before network TV was ruled by crime dramas and reality TV.  Watching all these shows over the last two days got me thinking…whatever happened to our favorite childhood TV stars.

Who was your favorite childhood TV star?

I always wanted to be DJ on Full House or Samantha on Who’s The Boss.   I always thought Denise from The Cosby Show was so cool living in New York City with her family and going off to college on her own.  But what happened to their careers.  Alyssa Milano has had success as an adult actor too, but unfortunately Lisa Bonet and Candace Cameron can’t say the same.

Would you like to be a child star?

There is a financial benefit to making all your money as a child.  You get to work for 10 or 20 years and by the time you are 30 you can retire and enjoy your money for the rest of your life.  That is if you can handle the pressure of Hollywood at a young age.  There is also the question of money.  Who really benefits from a child star’s money?  The child or their parents?

The other great thing about being a child star is you were popular in the past which means you may have a somewhat normal life as an adult.  Unlike currently famous people who can’t even go out to Starbucks and get coffee without being mobbed by fans.

The Britney Spears affect

There is something to be said about child stars who grow up with more money than they can dream of.  It may be hard to cope with reality if you’ve been raised in a world where money is no object.  What happens to these kids when they do grow up and have to be responsible?  Some may say they go crazy over money.  Let’ stake Britney Spears as a prime example of a child with too much money and no responsibility.  When it’s time to grow up into an adult child stars may have a hard time dealing with reality.

More recent cases include heart throb Justin Bieber and actress Amanda Bynes.  Both these young adults had extreme success at a young age, but can they handle real life as they grow up? I’m not so sure.  It makes me wonder if being a child star is really worth it both financially and emotionally.

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Friday Faves: Friday the 13th – good or bad?

Good morning Loves and happy Friday the 13th.  Do you consider today good luck or bad luck.  I usually don’t like to do anything that could go wrong on Friday the 13th.  I avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments and I avoid travelling.  Just superstition I guess.

My colleague told me that today is actually good luck.  I’m not sure, but I definitely don’t want to push my luck today.  If I win the lottery tonight I will change my ways and consider Friday the 13th good luck.  But until then I am avoiding mirrors, black cats and anything else that can turn this day into a disaster.

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How to give the perfect gift


It’s that time of the year when everyone spends their weeks shopping for the perfect gift for the weekend, yep it’s wedding season.  Some of my friends are already married and the others are not even close to being engaged so I don’t have to worry about shelling out a bunch of cash this year.

However within the three months of May, June and July I have to buy five gifts, that’s almost one gift every two weeks.  That’s a lot of money in a very short time period.  We start off with Mother’s Day in May, then my mom’s birthday at the beginning of June, followed by Father’s Day and my sister’s birthday the next week.  Then we finish the gift giving season off with my dad’s birthday at the end of July.

I actually like giving gifts, racking my brain and shopping for the perfect gift is not my favorite thing to do but I do love wrapping gifts and of course seeing the smile on people’s face when they open the gift.  Giving a wrapped gift is a nice alternative to the traditional wedding gift of giving an envelope full of cash.  And a wrapped box with a bow is a lot prettier than a plain old envelope.

In case you need to buy gifts this summer I’ve put together (with the help of my family and friends) this list of perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Gifts for Her

Tickets to an event.  I love going to places like the theatre to see plays, to see musicals and to the ballet.  I recently went to a comedy show and had a great time.  My boyfriend just bought us tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil and I am very excited to spend the afternoon under the big top tent

I personally think flowers are a great gift.  I love getting them and I love giving them to other people.  However, I recently saw on The Real Housewives of New York City that it’s bad manners to give someone flowers without a vase.  I didn’t know that.

A massage.  Absolutely the perfect gift as far as I’m concerned. I love spending the day at a spa getting a relaxing massage as I turn off my cell  and just lay down and relax on the massage table.

Gifts for Him

A book.  This is actually a perfect gift for anyone.  I love reading and I love the smell of books so getting them as gifts is a great idea.  However I also think that gifts are very personal.  It’s a gift that you give to a really good friend or a family member because it’s very specific to a person’s taste.

Man accessories.  I love buying my dad hats because he loves hats.  Give my dad a fedora or a newsboy hat as a gift and he is a happy man.  I also read that giving ties, belts and gloves are also a good gift to get the special man in your life.

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Life After College


Good morning Loves.  Let’s get real for a minute, I want to ask you a question.  If you are in college, what do you plan to do after graduation?  I am sure if you ask any college grad they will tell you that life doesn’t always  turn out as planned after graduation.  I know mine didn’t.  Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes life takes you on a path less desired.   Either way life after college is something to look forward to.

I grew up in a small town where you graduate from college, get married, buy a house and have kids.  Well I have a college degree and a boyfriend, but no house and kids – and that’s just fine with me.  At first I felt like a failure when things didn’t go as planned, but now I’ve grown to be thankful for everything I have.  I have a great job and a boyfriend of 15 years who loves me.  I am also thankful that I live in a big city where I have many more opportunities than I would have if I stayed in my small hometown.

So now let’s get back to your story.  You’ve graduated and finally achieved the task that you’ve been working towards over the last four years.  But now what?  What are you doing after graduation?

Looking for a job.  I worked all through college and I definitely advise college students to do the same. Working in retail sales or in a restaurant during your first couple years of college is great because the hours are flexible and it gives you a bit of extra money.  As you get closer to graduation it’s a good idea to start looking for a job in your field  of study.  This will help increase your chances of landing a full time job after graduation.  You will need a full time job to help pay off your student loan debt and all your other expenses such as rent and monthly bills.

Enjoying your free time.  Life gets real after college.  It’s time to enter the real world, get a job and start paying bills.  It’s not fun but that’s just how life goes.  I worked all through college so graduation was kind of a relief for me.  I already had a full time job but now I had a whole bunch of free time on my hands because I no longer had to go to class, do homework and schedule group projects.  Graduation was a nice break for me.

Applying to grad school.   My free time after graduation made me wonder about my place in life.  That’s what happens when you have always been super busy and suddenly end up with nothing to do but work 9 to 5.  Believe it or not I actually missed school after graduation.  Not right after grad, but shortly after I finished school I went back.  A year after graduating in economics I went back to school to study business law and then I decided to study to become a financial planner.  It’s weird because I was so happy to graduate I never thought I would go back to school – but I did…twice.

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