Day Jobs, Detour and Direction: Advice for Changing Careers

087894a15dbf45869b908297913d4669There are many of us who would probably admit to having a strong desire to experience a real change of direction in their career and take on a new challenge.

It is easy for the years to pass and the pay cheque to keep rolling in, and then suddenly realise that you don’t actually get excited about going to work anymore and you are basically operating on auto-pilot.

Sometimes you are forced into making a change because you are made redundant or perhaps you might suffer an injury and claim some compensation through someone like Claims Direct, which allows you the opportunity to make new plans for your working life.

You can find out more about that subject on their website, but whatever the circumstances or simply because you want to take your career in a new direction, here are some pointers to consider when looking at changing your career, at any age.

Job satisfaction

One of the first things to do is evaluate your current employment role and decide how satisfied you really are with your present career.

Take a moment to think about your career achievements to date and consider whether you have managed to enjoy the challenges you have faced so far in your work and whether your promotions and current status reflect the level of talent and expertise you have to offer.

Money is not the only route to achieving job satisfaction but earning a salary that is more commensurate with your talents and being able to command a salary that allows you to live the way you want to, can certainly be key motivators for considering a change of direction or career.

Work-life balance

Some people take a look at their current job and consider a change mainly because they want to be able to achieve a much better work-life balance.

It is actually worth considering the possibility that a change of job isn’t always absolutely necessary to achieve this particular aim.

Technology has made it much easier for people to carry out some or all of their work duties at home and there is also the chance that you may be entitled to ask your current employer to consider flexible working.

Although they may be entitled to refuse your request if there is a sound business reason to do so, it is definitely worth exploring the possibility of changing the terms and environment of your existing job so that you can achieve a better work-life balance, without even having to switch jobs if your current employer is receptive to the changes.

Playing to your strengths

The National Careers Service offers a skills health check on their website, and this can be a useful tool to help you see what strengths and weaknesses you currently have when it comes to skills and experience.

Being able to evaluate what you currently have and what skills that you need to acquire to pursue a new career path will help you take a more defined and positive approach to your options and help you understand how to execute your chosen career move.

Changing careers is often a daunting prospect but if you plan properly and have a realistic view on what you can achieve and how long it will take to do so, it can certainly give your career a welcome boost.

Ann Thomas has many years experience within an HR environment. She always enjoys the opportunity to share her insights with an online audience. You can find her posts on a number of industry and B2B websites.

Do you ever travel to the same place?


(This a pic of NYC from my trip in June)

I’m headed back to NYC again.  Yes that’s right as of Thursday (tomorrow) I’m jet setting off to New York City for a three day conference and two days of relaxation.  It’s been 36 days since I’ve been to New York and I can’t wait to go back.

Yesterday when I told my co-worker I’m headed back to New York she asked me “Didn’t you just go there?”  My answer was of course yes because I like to spend as much time as possible in the great city we call New York.  I spent four days in New York in March and took an extra long weekend in the Big Apple in June.  My co-worker’s question seemed a little judgemental and I immediately thought “So what if I am?”

Where is your vacation sweet spot?

As you know I love going to New York City.  Mostly because I like going on vacation and I can get there without taking a long flight and also because it’s just an awesome city.  My motto is “Why try something new when you can just do something you love.”  I would hate to take a vacation and not enjoy myself.  So why not go to NYC where I know I’ll have a good time?!

A lot of people have there go to vacation spot.  Some people go to Florida all winter, some people like to relax in Arizona and others go to Europe.  So where is your favorite vacation spot?

I may be missing out on seeing new places

Yes I understand that by visiting the same place every year or a few times each year I may be missing out on getting to visit other great cities but the truth is I don’t care.  I go to NYC every year because I love it.  It’s not stopping me from going to other great cities in my area such as Boston, Vermont and the state of Maine.  But I choose to go to NYC.

The great thing about New York, and I’m sure you’ll confirm this if you’ve ever been, is that every trip is different.  So yes, even though I visit New York often I have never had two identical experiences.  It’s like visiting the city for the first time every single time I go.  Follow me on Twitter @TahnyaKristina to see all my latest NYC adventures.

New York is so big and there’s so much to do

Some tourists can say the city is hot and dirty, some can say there are too many people and some can say it’s just too crowded – and all of that is true.  I’m not denying that New York is big and bad, but that’s what makes it great.

There’s so much to do that you could spend a week there and never see the same thing or do the same thing twice and that’s why I love it.  This trip I’m going to Brighton Beach and Coney Island in Brooklyn which I’ve never done.

This time I’m staying on the Upper West Side which is by far my favorite neighborhood in the city but I’ve never actually stayed there.  So I’m looking forward to exploring all the shops on Amsterdam Avenue and all the restaurants on Columbus Ave.

Where are you going for your summer vacation?

Do you pay to be pretty?


I think to a certain extent we all do. We buy face wash to keep blemishes away, we buy hair cream to control the frizz and we buy scented creams to keep our skin youthful and soft.  So here’s my questions, why do we spend so much money to look pretty?

It makes us feel good

I personally love pampering myself and as self centered and completely superficial as it sounds buying beauty products makes me feel good about myself.  I know there are moms all around the world who are telling their daughters right now that they don’t need to wear makeup to be pretty – and that’s true.

But what if we (as daughters) want to do it?  What if we know we don’t need to buy mascara and lipstick to be pretty but what if we want to because it makes us feel good?  Does that make it O.K.?

It boosts our self esteem

My answer would be yes.  I am by no means a glamazon.  I don’t wake up an hour early in the morning to get full hair and makeup done before I leave for work.  I wake up 30 minutes before I have to leave, throw my hair in a ponytail and grab breakfast on the go.  However I never leave my home without lip gloss and perfume.

I wear glasses so eye makeup is a complete waste on me.  However I do invest in a good lip gloss that gives my pale Eastern European skin some color and a Benefit powder because it makes my skin look smooth and hides the shine.

Call me self obsessed but it really boost my self esteem when boys turn their head on the street to look at me (even though I’ve been living with BF for 16 years).  In my opinion $7 for lip gloss and $30 for foundation powder is well worth my self esteem.

Everything in moderation of course

To my own dismay I don’t look like Nicki Minaj or Gisele Bundchen and that’s O.K. I’m sure I could if I wanted to (with the help of a good plastic surgeon) but I’m just not willing to pay $50,000 to do so.  Trust me when I say I wish I did look like a supermodel, but that’s just not me.  I’m the girl who cherishes a good lip gloss if it’s on sale and spends $60 on a massage three times a year, and that’s about it.

If making yourself feel good is how you want to spend your money then I say do it.  But there’s a difference between supermodel envy and giving your natural beauty a little boost.  Being obsessed with your own looks can only lead to extreme measures and that can’t be good for your health or your wallet.

Photo from I’d Pin That

It’s my Do-What-You-Want Day


Happy Friday Loves! At least it is for me.  Well actually Friday’s are always happy because they are my Do-Whatever-You-Want Day.  Some call it a cheat day, some call it I need a break day, no matter how you choose to label it this is the one day of the week that I don’t live by rules.

I can wear jeans to work

At my office we’re allowed to wear jeans on Fridays.  This definitely starts the day off on the right foot.  The vibe is more relaxed but surprisingly I don’t slack off.  The fact that I’m comfortable is a huge help to my creative process.

I hate leaving things pending so I use Friday’s to catch up on everything I didn’t have time to do during the week, then I can leave for the weekend without any worries.

I eat whatever I want

Within reason of course.  I don’t stuff my face with unhealthy food all day, but if I want to grab an ice cream cone after lunch or a Frappuccino from Starbucks in the afternoon I do it and I do it guilt free.  I don’t bring my lunch to work on Friday’s and try to meet up with friends.

Of course I still get my portions of fruits, veggies and water in for the day but I don’t stick to as strict of a diet as I usually do throughout the week.  Having one day a week were I can just live without any rules makes me feel like I’m not sacrificing too much when it comes to saving money and healthy eating.

Good night’s sleep

One of the best things about Friday is knowing when I wake up the next day it’s Saturday.  I can go to bed without running through my list of things to do the next day and I can lay in bed watching TV as late as I want because I know that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock in the morning.  I really hate my alarm clock.

Is this just me or do you love Friday nights too?  I know this may sound crazy but I really look forward to Saturday (and Sunday) morning breakfasts.  I will do anything for an extra few minutes of sleep so I usually grab breakfast to go during the week.  However on Friday night I look forward to waking up Saturday morning to French Toast or Pancakes.

It’s totally perfect.

Photo from Pixabay