New Careers to Lookout for in 2017

Some careers simply have an incredible amount of growth potential. Others seem to spring out of nowhere. There are many new career options you might want to take on in 2017. We’re going to list some of the best new careers that everyone should have at the top of their list this coming year.


This may not be a new career, but it is certainly a career that has tremendous growth potential. For men this will be the first time they will enter the industry en masse. You will find positions for nurses everywhere, including in hospitals, private clinics, and dental surgeries. With dental insurance in Massachusetts costs, due to errors, rising, a competent nurse can really make a difference in the lives of their patients. One unsuccessful procedure can cost a lot of money via dental insurance, as a result of follow-up procedures.

Becoming a doctor of medicine, for instance, is one of the most prestigious career choices you could make. Nursing is also an honorary profession, which requires you get education from a reputed college like Our Lady of the Lake. Find out What Makes Our Lady of the Lake Online RN-BSN Houston Nursing Unique?

Automation Consultant

Automation is taking over a range of industries. Businesses don’t always find it easy to react to changes as quickly as they should. An automation consultant is there to help companies big and small realize the benefits of automation and implement it within their companies. This is crucial because automation has the potential to enhance your productivity many times over. It can also reduce employment costs.

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Artificial intelligence is a technology that continues to grow in prominence. You will find it being used to manage customer service sessions and collect data, to name just two uses. An expert in artificial intelligence will implement new systems and revolutionize old ones. Early adopters of a career in artificial intelligence have extremely bright prospects ahead of them.

Amazon Marketing Services Marketing Agents

Amazon is perhaps the largest online retailer in the Western world. Any business in the world of eCommerce needs to have a presence on Amazon. It offers the chance of a bigger reach and enables you to establish a significant online presence. Amazon Marketing Services is the internal Amazon marketing platform. It is only recently come to prominence so experts in this field are valuable to companies of all sizes in all sectors.

Big Data Expert

Big data is a new career path that has arisen due to the sudden affordability of collecting, storing, and utilizing large amounts of data. Previously, this data could not be collected on this scale by anyone but the largest of corporations. Big data experts who know how to manage and present this data in the best possible way will show businesses what their customers expect from them and where the industry is going. A big data expert needs to be able to use specialized software and cut through all the irrelevant metrics to find the ones that matter.

Conclusion – Try a New Career in 2017

2017 is the time to try a new career. You should consider picking up a new career because it gives you the chance to establish yourself in a growing niche, with the appropriate rewards to match.

Which of these five career paths do you think offers you the best prospects in 2017?

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