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A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you some of my favorite sites for restaurant deals. I also told you I’d share with you the other deals and discount sites I rely on to get super-cool stuff at super-brag-worthy prices.

So, as promised, here are the sites I’ve used to get half-price electronics, adorable discount t-shirts, great gifts for my little niece and nephew, and (as they say) much, much more!

General deal sites

These sites can net you everything from household accessories to high tech gadgets at sometimes jaw-dropping discounts. (Some of these were also on the restaurant deals list, since they have a mix of different deals they offer each day.)

“Ooh la la” shopping

I’m a deal addict, but not really a shopaholic…and I couldn’t care less about the latest fashions or designer brands. But, if you do, I’ve heard these sites are more aimed at featuring “luxury” items at a discount:

Like with my restaurant sites post, if I discovery a new site that’s good, I’ll come back and add it to this post.

Some things to watch out for

As with my restaurant deals post, I need to give you a head’s up before you start shopping.

You need to be a little careful, because some deals are too good to be true. I’ve made the beginner’s mistake of buying some small electronics (like a battery charger and a pair of USB flash drives) just because they seemed ridiculously cheap…and they were for a reason. They worked, but they definitely didn’t seem like they were worth the $50 marked as their original price. (I did get my money’s worth for the $5 I paid for them, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten them in the first place if I hadn’t thought I was getting them for a steal.)

If you’re not familiar with the brand or model of something (especially electronics), do a search for reviews first before purchasing. Google the product name plus “reviews,” or see if you can find the product on Amazon (where most of their products have a good number of reviews) just to be sure you’re really getting a product worth buying.

Linens like sheet sets are also worth watching out for. We have a very deep mattress with a pillow top, and two sets of sheets we bought that were supposed to have “deep pockets” definitely did not. I got so sick of pulling the fitted sheets down every time they shifted when we moved that eventually I just used them for dog covers for our furniture. The quality of the fabric wasn’t quite the 1,600 thread count luxury I’d been expecting, either. (Although I don’t normally buy luxury sheets, so maybe I just didn’t know what I was looking for?)

So, as with every great bargain, take certain deals with a grain of salt. But if you take a few extra minutes to do some quick online research for reviews, you’ll find that most of these deals are actually pretty great. Of all the purchases I’ve made from the above sites, I’d say I’ve been happy (or thrilled) with 95% of them—and that lost 5% probably could have been avoided if I’d just known to do a little research before hitting “purchase.”

Have you found any other cool sites I should add to my list?





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  1. Good information to know…
    Love the “ooh la la” section =)

  2. I use cashback sites like fatwallet, every time I am about to make a purchase online, I check if they offer cashback and go through them. Since I am buying the item anyway, cashback is icing on the cake!

    • Em (The Blonde) says:

      Good point! I should do a separate post on those. I use ebates personally but could do a roundup of the biggest sites out there. Thanks for the idea! :)

  3. I really think you should check out slickdeals.net. People submit deals and round them up (and update them) on the net daily. I love it :)

  4. I know this is an old post but I had to chime in. I’d also recommend always shopping with a smartphone app if you can. I love RedLaser as a great way to do quick price comparisons when in the store to guarantee you are getting the best deal. Also, use it to get price adjustments if the store does price matching!

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