DIY Bathroom Makeovers Under $150


How’s your bathroom?   Is it in need of some TLC?  I know some people may not think our bathroom is as important as the other rooms in our house.  And to be honest we probably do spend more time in the kitchen, bedroom and living room.  But that doesn’t mean we have to neglect our bathrooms.

I never thought about giving my bathroom a makeover until my best friend moved in with her boyfriend and remodeled her entire bathroom in just three days.  Now that’s a DIY project worth taking on.

There are several reasons why someone may want to redo their bathroom from wanting a fresh look to updating the style and functionality.  With plumbing and electrical work a bathroom upgrade can cost big bucks – but only if you let it.  The truth is you can give your bathroom a complete makeover for under $250.

Add a new color scheme for a fresh look

Our tastes change over time so it’s only normal for our decor to change too.  My mother changes her bathroom color scheme about once every four or five years.  She doesn’t change the fixtures or the sink and vanity, but she does give it a fresh coat of paint, buy new towels and change the bath mats.

Her last change was in April and cost under $150: $59.99 for paint at Home Depot, $40 for two new towels, $29 for the three piece bath mat set and $7 for a new plant to set on the back of the toilet seat.

Change the tile to update the look

I couldn’t believe it when my friend told me she was taking the day off work to stay home and tile her new bathroom.  Not that I didn’t think she could do it, I mean I know she’s crafty and has flawless taste, but changing tile is a lot of work.  First you have to remove old tiles, sand the walls, plaster them then add in the tiles and seal them with grout.  I mean it’s a lot of work.

Tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials.  My mom has small tiles and my friend has large ones.  Of course large tiles are less work, but small tiles on a wall add more options to add patterns.  The price per box of tiles depends on the color as well as the material.  You can buy bathroom wall and floor tiles in ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass.  The cost can be as low as $1.99 per square foot up to over $25.  This all depends on your bathroom budget.

Pick a theme and go with it

Choosing a new color scheme is different than picking a theme.  When I asked my best friend what her theme was for the new bathroom she said “Purple”.  She didn’t have a specific theme in mind because she said it was too much like going to prom.  She just mixed and matched three different shades of purple to decorate her new joint bathroom.

My mother’s bathroom was redone in a beach side theme.  I’ve never been to Maine or The Hamptons, but my mother’s bathroom theme is exactly how I picture it.  Actually it looks like something out of Home and Garden magazine.  Light blues and teals mixed with crisp whites.  Neutral seashells and small green plants for decor.  It’s definitely soothing and relaxing, exactly how you want a bathroom to feel.

Total bathroom cost: $150.  $29 for paint, $19 for a new shower curtain, $30 for bath mats and towels and $70 on floating shelves.

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Friday Faves: Must Haves for My New Apartment


Happy Friday!  Today we’re talking all about the ways I’m decorating our new apartment.  Can I still call it new if BF and I moved back in October?  I think so.  I’m going to call it our new apartment for a year.  I’m happy to say we finally started decorating our apartment and we’re doing it on a budget which is nice.

Decorating our home on a budget

Of course I would love our apartment to look like something out of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but unfortunately that’s not our reality.  I’ve learned that it’s the small things that really make an apartment stand out and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  As long as we spend money wisely on quality items instead of filling up our apartment with cheap knick-knacks it will be all good.

I like adding character and color to our apartment through accents because it’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper to change the accents and statement pieces than it is to redo the entire decor if you want to redecorate in a year or two.

Here are the budget-friendly ways we’re decorating our new apartment.

Fresh cut and fake flowers

I love the smell of fresh cut flowers, but unfortunately keeping them in the house can be very expensive.  Instead I purchase good quality fake flowers from Michael’s craft store.  I paid $20 per bouquet because they were on sale and I had a coupon.  Now I keep one vase of fresh cut flowers in my kitchen (when I can afford it) and fill my house with colorful fake bouquets in the other rooms.

Plants and greenery

Plants are a lovely alternative to buying fresh cut flowers, they’re cheaper and live longer than fresh cut flowers.  They still add color and life into a home without having to spend too much money or dish out money regularly to replace flowers when they die.


I’m sure you probably know this about me but I love pillows. My personal motto is that a home can never have enough pillows.  It makes your home welcoming, it adds color into a room and it’s comfy when you’re laying in bed watching a movie or sitting on the couch chatting with guests.  I don’t think you can ever have enough color in your home.


You may remember that my mother taught me to always keep my home smelling good.  We always have oil burning, Wallflowers plugged in or candles burning.  I think nice smells are comforting and there’s nothing better than a little apple cinnamon to brighten up your day.  Candles don’t have to be expensive you can get great ones at Target and Wal-Mart.  Sometimes even the pharmacy has deals or liquidations on last season’s scents.

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Friday Faves: Decorating my apartment


Happy Friday!  This is a big weekend for BF and I.  Today we’re going shopping for home decor.  As you may remember we moved into a gorgeous new apartment last October.  Since we spent quite a bit of money on moving, new bedroom furniture, a new sofa and other home essentials we decided to wait until spring to decorate.

Well spring is here and we’re ready to add some color into our home.  After months of searching websites and looking through Pinterest we finally decided on the colour pallet for our new apartment.  Our bedroom will be navy blue and white and our living room will be earth tones of brown and green with pops of red and yellow.  I’m really excited to see how it all turns out.

We have a budget of $500 to spend and here’s everything we need to buy:

Pillows.  Our couch is a sectional and although it’s super comfy it’s all brown.  It’s a light mocha shade of brown which offsets the dark hard wood floors very nicely.  We paid $1500 for it and don’t use it very much.  Some pillows (actually a lot of pillows) will add some color and comfort to our  new sofa.

Pictures.  When we decided to move last July I started buying pictures for our new apartment.  I have an autographed picture of the original cast of the movie Jaws that I’ve been waiting to display.  We never had space for decor in our old apartment, but now we do.

Art. I want to buy a big piece of canvas art for our bedroom.  We have 14 foot ceilings so right now our walls are looking a little bit bare.  A nice big piece of art will look lovely in our bedroom.

Rugs.  With an exposed brick wall (which I love) and hardwood floors our apartment can get cold in the winter.  A nice big area rug in the living room with center out the space, add some color and keep our feet warm.

New bedding.  When we bought a new bed we upgraded to a king size.  We bought new sheet sets, but we didn’t find a bed spread cover that we liked.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck this weekend because right now we’re each sleeping under separate covers.

Can we get all that for $500?

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3 Tips to Spring-ify Your Home

dd471ac07efa42e5acced2017fd30423Good morning loves.  I’ve got a confession – I have spring fever.  I want everything in my home to be bright and floral.  The problem is I live with BF and he’s more of an earth tones type of guy.  We haven’t decorated much since we moved in to our new apartment last October.  We spent most our money on buying new furniture and now it’s time to make everything pretty.

After spending hours on Pinterest and a lunch break in the mall I have come up with a few clever ways  to decorate our home for spring.

Mix and Match Everything

Apparently the days of having everything matchy-matchy are over.  It’s O.K. to mix and match colors,  patterns and even textures.  This is an ever growing trend in the world of home decor, but I also noticed it on mannequins in store windows.  I think I missed the memo but when did it become acceptable to mix polka dots and stripes?  I’m not sure if that’s the way I’ll go but I am definitely going to mix and match when it comes to our pillows.

Pillows are supposed to be welcoming.  We want them to be bright and colorful and of course comfortable.  So that’s exactly what I’m going to do – I’m also going to mix shapes and sizes.  I wish we could afford high end pillows from Pier 1 Imports but I think we’re going to look at TJ Maxx and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Make Every Room Smell Good

This has always been our motto.  We love candles and burn them all year round, even in the summer.  However candles, the good ones, are expensive.  I always hold out for the “2 for” sales or the semi annual sale at Bath & Body Works and then I stock up.  Like really stock pile candles!

I love the smell of fresh cut flowers but buying bouquets every couple of weeks just isn’t realistic.  First of all it can be very expensive and second up here in the north east we don’t really have fresh cut flowers all year round.  Flowers are a great way  to add some life into our apartment, but scented candles, wall plugins and those scented oil sticks are a great way to fake it.

Hang Pictures Where Ever You Can

I am only 5 feet tall so painting walls is out of the question.  Besides when my OCD kicks in after six months it’s a lot easier to change decor than it is to repaint.  I don’t really like to stick to one thing for very long so changing accents is definitely the way we’re going to go when it comes to decorating this spring.

I’m a very visual person so I like to look at things.  I plan on covering our walls with art, pictures and mirrors, not in a hoarders kind of way, just in a “Oh Welcome to Our Home” kind of way.  Hanging pictures gives homes a personal touch and putting up art on the walls can give rooms a pop of color without having to spend money (and time) on painting.

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