Friday Faves: I’m off to a family picnic

Fish Tank

(This a photo from the Boston Aquarium)

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day.  What are your plans this long weekend?  I am headed to Toronto to spend tomorrow afternoon at a family picnic and Sunday at the new Ripley’s Aquarium.  As you may have noticed I love nature, especially anything to do with water; so look forward to lots and lots of pictures to come.

Enjoy your long weekend.

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Friday Faves: The apartment hunt continues

Lion King 2

Happy Friday Loves.  In case you were wondering, yes The Lion King was awesome!

This weekend our apartment search continues.  I will be spending all day tomorrow visiting apartments and praying that I can find one that has everything we want at a price we can afford. Wish me luck!

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Friday Faves: I’m going to see The Lion King

Good morning Loves and Happy Friday.  Have you seen that video? It’s being shared all around Facebook. This weekend I am so excited because on Tuesday night I am finally going to see The Lion King.  Seeing this musical has been on my bucket list for years and I am over the moon that I’m finally going to see it.

Everyone in my family has seen The Lion King and as a huge Disney fan I have been trying to see it for years.  I wanted to see it on Broadway but I just can’t afford a minimum of $225 per ticket.  The touring group is coming to my city and for only $100 (taxes and fees included) I am finally going to see The Lion King.  How did I get such a great price?  I bought pre season tickets.  The show actually opens next Friday but because I’m going to the show before opening night I got the tickets for at least $50 cheaper.

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Friday Faves: I’m getting a massage tonight

Friday Massage

Good morning Loves and Happy Friday.  This weekend I decided to treat myself to a massage.  All the long hours sitting at a computer desk are catching up with me and I’m getting a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders.  What better way to relieve the tension than with a relaxing one hour massage.

Personal confession:  I can’t actually afford to pay $125 per hour for a massage, but I found a great deal on Groupon.  Today after work I will be enjoying a relaxing massage at my favorite spa for only $55 – what a great deal.  That’s my key to living a luxurious lifestyle on a budget – treat myself to nice things, but only when they are on discount.

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