Friday Faves: Investing, Getting Rich and College

Good morning Loves and Happy Friday.  It’s the weekend; time for some R&R, good sleep and more Netflix.  If those of you who haven’t filed your taxes yet – consider this your friendly reminder.

I personally love the weekends.  I’m not sure what it is about Friday night but my who attitude changes.  I sleep better, I smile more and my posture loosens up.  I am more relaxed and less uptight.  Oh just thinking about 5 o’clock is making me happy.

An added bonus of my weekend is that my sister is coming into town to visit.  She doesn’t come here very often so I’m excited to spend Saturday afternoon with her.  I will post pics next week.

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Friday Faves: Netflix and Saturdays


Good morning Loves and Happy Friday.  I always love Friday mornings because it means tomorrow morning is Saturday.  My boyfriend got me Netflix for Christmas and ever since I have been spending my Saturdays watching movie after movie.  It’s not very productive, but it’s really fun.

I have watched some great movies.  The Rebound starring Catherine Zeta-Jones was really funny and Everybody’s Fine starring Robert De Niro was ball-my-eyes-out sad.  I have also enjoyed watching series from my youth such as Dawson’s Creek.  I really want to get into Mad Men, but I just make that kind of commitment right now.  For less than $10 a month Netflix is absolutely the best purchase we have made all year.

Any movie suggestions for this weekend?

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Friday Faves: Being cheap and Second Careers

(another one of my pic’s from The New England Aquarium)

Happy Friday.  I am still in a state of bliss after coming back from my trip to Boston.  It’s amazing how a little three day road trip can make the time between the end of winter and the beginning of spring a bit more bearable.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Faves: I’m back from Boston and boy did I have fun

This is a picture of Jellyfish from The New England Aquarium in Boston.

Good morning Loves.  This is photo from my trip to Boston.  It was my second time and I had a blast.  There are a ton of cool things to do in Boston such as The New England Aquarium, The Boston Harbor and the North End, which is Little Italy.  I discovered Mike’s Pastry’s where I ate some of the best cannolis I have ever tasted.

My trip to Boston was amazing and this weekend I plan to stay in bed and relax with Netflix.

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