Friday Faves: Taking the Train Home


Happy Friday Loves.  It’s Friday and as you read this I’m on my way home from a business trip – and I’m taking the train.  Last time I took this exact same trip I flew and trust me when I say I was less than impressed.  So earlier this week I headed off on a 4.5 hour train trip and now I’m doing the same.

Taking the train is not that much of a difference in time than flying and it’s a lot cheaper.  I like the hop on/hop off convenience of the train and I absolutely despise waiting in line at airports.  So there you have it, I’m on a nice relaxing train trip – actually I’m probably asleep.

I hope you have a great weekend.  Enjoy these good reads from our friends.

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Friday Faves: It’s the weekend, time to…


Happy Friday!  It’s almost the weekend.  Need I say more?  Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy these good reads from around the web.

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Friday Faves: Dear Spring, where are you?


Happy Friday!  As you read this I’m on my way home from another fantastic work trip.  I’m telling you I have a dream job.  This weekend BF and I are hoping the weather cooperates and we can get outside to explore our neighborhood.

We moved in October and have yet to find local amenities such as a bakery and a florist.  We did find a good Chinese takeout restaurant and a pharmacy, but we’d like to get to know our neighborhood a little bit better.  After all isn’t that one of the best things about moving?  New beginnings and new places to explore?!

Last Saturday we woke up to a snow storm, so fingers crossed that tomorrow morning we wake up to sunshine.

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Friday Faves: Happy Easter


Happy Friday! And Happy Good Friday if you’re celebrating Easter this weekend.  I am enjoying this lovely day off with a day trip to the spa.  Yes at 3 pm today I will be sitting in a steam room cleaning out my pores and at 4 pm I’ll be laying on a table, smelling sweet aromatherapy and enjoying a much needed relaxing massage.  If you don’t have to work today how are you spending your free time?

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