Friday Faves: It’s snowing!

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Happy Friday Loves.  It finally started snowing up here.  Yes I woke up to snow on the ground, is that acceptable for November?  And yes, that’s really the view from my living room window.  I don’t like the cold, actually in general I don’t like any of the elements: rain, wind or snow.  This year the cold weather is taking an extra hard toll on my emotional and mental wellbeing.  I’m not adapting well to the change in cold weather and now I have to get used to snow.  Is it too early to get out my winter jacket?

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Friday Faves: I’m going to a spa


Good morning Loves.  Happy Friday.  This weekend I was supposed to go home and visit my family but due to my workload at the office my boss didn’t approve my request.  So I’m spending Saturday afternoon at a spa.  I’m going to get a massage and spend the day relaxing in steam rooms and hot tubs.  It’s going to be great and what makes it even better is instead of spending $300 I only spent $80 thanks to Groupon.  Can a weekend get any better than that?!

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Friday Faves: Hot chocolate and holidays


Good morning Loves and Happy Friday, first Friday in November.  Are the holidays on your mind yet?  I went into the pharmacy yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice they already started putting out boxes of chocolate covered in red and gold ribbons.  Yes that’s right stores are already getting ready for Christmas but isn’t it a little bit early?  It still feels like fall to me, however come December 1st I will be in full swing for the holidays.   But for right now I’m still drinking Pumpkin Spiced Lattes before I switch to hot chocolate.

When do you get holiday-fever?

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Friday Faves: Happy Halloween!


Good morning Loves.  Happy Halloween!  Today is a day full of Rockets, Reese Peanut Butter Cups and Twizzlers – three of my favorite candies.   Today at my office we’re having a pot luck lunch which is most likely to turn into a major candy feast – and that’s OK with me.  We have to dress up for the party and since I walk to work my costume has to be pretty subtle.  I wanted to be The Flash, but I settled for Bat Girl.  I’m dressing all in black with black tights and boots, a Batman t-shirt and black cat ears.

What’s your Halloween costume?

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