Blog Roundup (12-28-12)

I always love sharing my favorite blogs with people, so each week I’ll be giving you guys a roundup of the posts I’ve really enjoyed reading.

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  • A good reminder for all of us when dealing with tough people: Zen Habits discusses why The Other Person Is Never The Problem. (PS – I always look at the URL for Leo’s posts because he makes them short and sweet. Love the URL for this one…take a look at it!)
  • I love Live Love Work’s list of 52 Ways to Be Kind At Work. What little things can you do today to brighten your coworkers’ day?

Are there any great posts you came across recently? Share them with us in the comments!


  1. So much love for including my blog post in your roundup! I’m really proud of that post and hope it inspires people to be kinder.

    Have a grateful day!


    • Em (The Blonde) says:

      It certainly inspired me! People are so focused usually on how to get ahead at work, how to be less stressed at work…I loved how your post challenges us to look outward and try to make work a place of kindness and compassion. Definitely one of my favorite posts of 2012!

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