90s styles are back, baby!

Verbose Bel Air:I was a child of the 90s. If you were too, chances are you also have a fond spot in your heart for things like My So Called Life, Blossom (and the styles she always wore!), songs like Motown Philly, and all the other staples of our childhood that still seem just as fantastic now as they did when we were younger.

If I’d grown up in the 80s or 70s, is it possible I’d find that era’s staples just as fantastic? Maybe, but I find it hard to believe. Because the 90s (let’s admit it) were the best. :)

Anyway, this nostalgic rant is inspired by the fact that I was excited to learn that some 90s styles are making a comeback! That’s right, spring/summer 2013 fashion trend spotters are announcing the return of the following:

  • Mixing and matching big bold prints in different colors. Hello, Angela Chase and Blossom Russo!
  • Grunge. (Doc Martens, moto jackets mixed with sundresses…)
  • Crop top shirts. Why does this immediately make me think of Jennie Garth in 90210? (PS – I loved her!)
  • High waisted jeans. Not sure what I think about these. As much as I idolized Kelly Kapowski, looking back on old episodes now, I can’t help but think “mom jeans.”
  • Overalls. Again, not sure what I think about this. Does anyone really look good in overalls, unless you’re painting your house? (Or wearing them with one strap down like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?)

On the other hand, there are plenty of things I loved about the 90s that I wish would make a comeback.  These include:

  • Slap bracelets. If you were ever one of those kids in the cafeteria showing off your entire arm full of slap bracelets, you’ll understand. (I was!)
  • Stirrup pants. I know, not many of you will probably be with me on this one. But a good pair of stirrup pants, with an oversized T and Keds? Doesn’t that just make you feel like life is simpler?
  • Jelly shoes. Sure, they were uncomfortable after like half an hour, but they were so cool! And the clear ones with glitter in them? Don’t even get me started… :)
  • Butterfly clips. Yeah, I was totally that girly hippie chick wearing flowy skirts and sparkly butterfly clips in my hair, in all sorts of elaborate braids and twists and stuff. Maybe even sometimes I put some ribbons in there. Don’t judge…just take a look at my high school photos. I was adorable! (Scrunchies, on the other hand? No thanks…)

What about you? If you were a 90s kid, what were your favorite trends? What makes you nostalgic now?





photo credit:  Laser Burners


  1. I was all about the grunge. I somehow ripped my Vans where real skaters ripped theirs once – I was a girl so no one considered me a “poser”. Oh and Converse…

    The high waisted jeans seem to pull in the butt. Have you ever noticed that they can give people wedgies? I actually had a pair of black slacks from the 90s that were the perfect blend but were high waisted and did that. They finally got donated. :)

    • Em (The Blonde) says:

      Yeah, I just don’t understand high waisted jeans anymore. I don’t think they’re comfortable either, and I’m so petite I feel like they make my torso look like it doesn’t exist. I need more proportion!

  2. I miss the 90’s~ I used to wear huge baggy jeans and baby t-shirt with plaid button shirt wrapped around my waist. I used to also love mood rings and dark lip liners. I get all sentimental about the 90’s, but when I look at my old pictures, they’re so tacky. haha~

    • Em (The Blonde) says:

      I do look a little silly in hindsight in my 90s pics, but you know what? I’ll take 90s silly over 2000s silly any day. Pretty soon today’s hottest looks will look just as tacky!

  3. I have always said that if all music as we know it ended on December 31st 1999 I would not have cared. We peaked as a society and it has all been downhill from there. I say bring back the 90’s.

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