Nail your next job interview

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Good morning Loves.  Let me ask you a question, are you in the market for a new job?  I am 33 years old and I’ve been to dozens of job interviews in my life.  Some of them went really well and some of them went not so well.

My embarrassing job interview

The most embarrassing job interview  I ever had was at a golf and country club.  I was 16 years old and I went for an interview to be a server in their dining room.  I didn’t realize it until I got back into my car after the interview, but I had black grease on my face the entire time.

That’s right, I walked through a country club, sat in the dining room and answered questions during a 30 minute job interview with black grease on my face.  Needless to say I didn’t get the job.

The worst job interview ever

A year after my country club catastrophe I had an interview at a popular steak house to be a server.  The interview was the most awkward 20 minutes of my life…and I was 17, a time when everything is awkward.  I didn’t know it then, but now as I look back I think the world was telling me that I just wasn’t meant to be a server.  The interview was going so badly that the manager actually stopped asking questions about the job and then asked me “If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be?”

I was completely shocked and to this day I remember my answer.  I said “I would be a grape because I love to eat grapes.”  After that the interview was over.  The manager said he would call me within the next week because they were looking for someone to start the following weekend.  To this day I am still waiting for that call.

Prepare for your next job interview with these tips

As we get older the job interview process doesn’t get any easier.  There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling awkward and being uncomfortable in a job interview.  But if you want to advance your career we all have to do it.  The best tips I can give you for your next job interview are to be prepared, research the company to tailor your answers and know how your strengths apply to the job.

In today’s ever competitive job market employers want to know why should they hire you and only you?  It’s important to showcase the strengths that make you stand out from the other candidates.  You don’t want to be cocky but you should be confident.  Let employers know you’re the best person for the job.

Employers also want to know that you are enthusiastic about the job and excited to work for the company.  Employers want to know how long you plan to stay in the position and how long you plan to stay with the company.  That’s why employers always ask about your career goals, even though you are interviewing for a new job.  It takes thousands of dollars to search for, find and train a new employee; so employers  want a long term commitment.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long term commitment to job, but definitely to the company.

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Why I hate #RichKids

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The truth is I don’t.  The reason I bring this up is because I saw the cast of #RichKids on Bethenny last week.  I was a little bit disturbed and a whole lot surprised as to what they had to say.  The six cast members of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills are a mix between hardworking and completely spoiled.  They are all in their 20s and they were all born into money.  Some cast members now make their own money and some just live off their parents.  Some cast members work full time and some just party full time.  How do you feel about that?

You can be rich, but you don’t have to be spoiled

I have mixed emotions about the things these #RichKids do with their money.  I believe in having chances in life, but I don’t believe in having things handed to you.  I was not born into a rich family so I can’t speak first hand, but I think rich people should just be normal people…with more money.

Just because you are born into money doesn’t mean you can’t still wake up every day and go to work.  You may not need to work for anyone else because you have the money to start your own business.  You can afford to start your own company and do whatever you want to do, but you should still do something.

Lots of people would kill for the chance to wake up every day and do what they love.  Even more people would like to wake up and do what they love for themselves, instead of having to do it for someone else.  Are you one of those people?

#RichKids can good with their money

If parents don’t make their kids work that’s a whole other issue.  I think that people should always have to work for what they have and people should always have the will to be better, to do better.

I had a client whose parents won the lottery two years ago and gave him a lump sum of $3 million.  He continued to go to work as an accountant every day.  He maintained his daily routine and even kept the same girlfriend and same apartment.  His lifestyle improved, but he continued to make his own money.  When I asked him why he kept working he said because once you spend money it’s gone.  He keeps working to maintain a sense of normalness in his otherwise privileged life.

If I was a #RichKid

Why can’t people with money just be normal and nicer clothes with better apartments?  I am not going to lie.  Some days I wish I had money to do whatever I wanted to do.  I wish I had the money to take longer vacations in five star resorts and I wish I had the money to live in a bigger apartment that was paid for in cash.  I am not a big fan of paying rent or making mortgage payments.  I would like to keep all the money I make for myself instead of having to pay bills.  But that is my dream world.

I would definitely still get up and go to work every morning.  I’m not sure what I would do, but I would love to work for myself.  Or at least I think I would.  Being your own boss seems stressful and I’m not sure I would like it, but I would like to try.  That’s what money does.  It gives you freedom to new opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

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Friday Faves: Investing, Getting Rich and College

Good morning Loves and Happy Friday.  It’s the weekend; time for some R&R, good sleep and more Netflix.  If those of you who haven’t filed your taxes yet – consider this your friendly reminder.

I personally love the weekends.  I’m not sure what it is about Friday night but my who attitude changes.  I sleep better, I smile more and my posture loosens up.  I am more relaxed and less uptight.  Oh just thinking about 5 o’clock is making me happy.

An added bonus of my weekend is that my sister is coming into town to visit.  She doesn’t come here very often so I’m excited to spend Saturday afternoon with her.  I will post pics next week.

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Do your good looks help or hurt you?

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Good morning Loves.  Not so long ago I said pretty people have easier lives than others.  They may receive perks that others do not such as getting the job, getting a promotion and having people be generally nicer to them just because they are pretty.  I am not sure what it is about good looks but people just seem to be drawn to them.

I come from a family with a handful or two of pretty people.  To say our lives have been very different would be an understatement.  I have a pretty sister and for our entire lives I thought she had it easier than I did.  She could do no wrong even when she was at fault, she always landed fabulous jobs and people were always drawn to her just because she was pretty.  Upon further investigation I am not sure if all my previous statements are true.  Are your good looks helping or hurting your life?

Find a balance between love and success

It is said that we can’t have it all.  If you are good looking you may have an easier time with your career but you may be unlucky in love.  I  have a male cousin who all my friends think is really good looking.  He works out daily, he eats healthy and he has a great job in sports sales.  But he hasn’t been so lucky in the love department.

That’s the thing about pretty people, sometimes good looks can be both a gift and a curse.  My cousin has had a stream of pretty women coming in and out of his life that include NBA cheerleaders and Hawaiian tropic models.  That may have been OK in his 20s but now that he’s in his mid 30s he really wants to settle down.

A killer smile can get you the raise, but it won’t get you the girl

On paper my cousin is a really great catch.  He owns his home,  he makes a good salary and he drives a nice car.  So why don’t women like him?  Because he’s too good looking? Yes maybe that’s it.  My cousin is so good looking that he’s unapproachable.

I would personally never approach a man in a suit with perfect hair because I would automatically think he’s a douche bag.  Maybe that stereotype comes from my days working in finance, but guys with the perfect clothes and killer smiles are usually not my type.  My boyfriend is good looking, but at 33 years old he still wears jeans and converse sneakers on the weekend.  That’s what I want – a man who is real, a man who doesn’t think he’s above anyone else but who knows he self worth.  That’s sexy to me.

Being good looking is the perfect quality for people in sales because clients trust people who are good looking.  I am not sure why but good looks are an asset when dealing with the public.  As a woman a pair of high heels and a pencil skirt can go a long way.  Think about the last time you bought something, was the sales person really good looking?  Pretty people may seem like they have the perfect lives, but are they truly happy?

If you had to choose would you rather be average looking and in love or successful and alone?

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