Wrinkle Woes and Saggy Face: Top Treatments for Facial Aging

Sagging skin is one of the inevitable signs of ageing, but that doesn’t mean you just have to accept the situation and put up with your wrinkle woes.

Any woman will understandably want to retain their youthful-looking skin for as long as possible and there are a number of natural and cosmetic solutions to help achieve that goal.

You may have taken a look in the mirror and decided that you now want to embrace the prospect of various cosmetic procedures through someone like KRPlasticSurgery.com, but you could also look at other ways too, in order to find the perfect way to revive your looks and tackle facial aging full-on.

Smartphone face phenomenon

Many of us probably spend a few hours each day with a smartphone in our hands or using a laptop, and this very normal activity of modern living, is potentially causing us to suffer from sagging jowls.

Smartphone face is the term being used to describe the phenomenon that can lead to your facial skin and muscle losing some of its natural elasticity. The simple act of leaning forward and looking down is allowing gravity to pull your skin down for longer periods than we used to, and this is creating a rise in the number of chinplants being carried out by plastic surgeons to re-tighten the skin.

Poor posture in general, will definitely contribute to the problem of saggy jowls and increases the prospects of having double chins and more creases around the corners of your mouth.

Think carefully about how you use your smartphone and laptop if you want to keep the skin on your face where it is.

Natural remedies

As well as cosmetic procedures to correct any problems, you might want to consider looking at some natural remedies that will help to keep your skin in good shape for longer.

Try pouring yourself a cup of green tea if you want to reduce bagginess and give your skin get a natural collagen boost. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and each cup you consume will set to work in purifying your body from within and also purifying your blood, so that your skin becomes healthier.

A cucumber is able to provide a naturally cool and fresh feeling to your skin. All you have to do is slice a few pieces of cucumber up and place them on your eyes, so that they can help tackle those fine lines that often appear in conjunction with loose and sagging skin.

If you want a natural remedy that can tighten your skin, you might to try whipping up an egg white with a few splashes of lemon. Work the egg and lemon into a light foam and then apply it as a face mask. Leave it on your face for about 15 minutes and then wash it off, to reveal the benefits of an inexpensive and natural face mask.

There are quite a few natural remedies to try that have qualities to help you tackle the effects of facial aging and you might also want to consider how long you are on the phone for too.

Dr. Kevin Ruhge is a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. He hopes to help people live better lives by sharing his insights and experiences online.

How to recover from a big mistake at work


If you made a mistake at work would you a) Forget about it and move on or would you b) Admit it and try to fix it?  That’s the question I asked on Twitter last week and surprisingly (or maybe not) the majority of the answers were b.  What would you do?

I think I made a mistake last week at work and it’s been bothering me ever since.  My Dad always says it’s better to not say anything at all than to say something stupid and of course he’s right.  At least if you don’t say anything people can make their own conclusions, but if you open your mouth and say something stupid you are making the conclusion for them.  Last week I think I said something really stupid in front of a handful of executives at my work and more than seven days later I’m still not sure how much damage (if any) it caused.

Now as you may remember this is a new job for me.  I just started March 9 and I’m still building my reputation.  I can help but wonder to what extent this dumb mistake is going to hurt my career.  When you start a new job there are two ways your career starts off: 1. you start with a clean slate and have to prove your worthiness when it comes to your reputation or 2. you come in with a superstar reputation and all you have to do is work hard to maintain it.  My situation was the later but now I’m not sure where I stand.  This is what happened…

I was hired as a Consultant to help implement a new business development initiative so all eyes are on me to see if this new program is a success.  The woman who had this job and successfully implemented a previous program got a promotion within a year.  So there is a certain level of pressure that comes with the job.

Last week on a conference call the Associate Vice President introduced me to executives and praised my experience.  He positioned me as an added value to the team and recommended everyone to be on the lookout for great things to come.  I was so flattered that I immediately sent him and email thanking him for his kind words.

After about 20 minutes into the call a question came up that was directly related to my position and instead of letting my manager answer it (which is what I should have done) I thought I should say something and prove I’ve earned my spot.

Well I did definitely say something but I’m not sure how much good it did.  I jumped in saying “Hi this is Tahnya and I can tell you how we’ve done that in the past.”  I went on for several minutes explaining our process and giving examples.  When I tell you that there was complete silence on the phone I am not joking.  For some reason (although I’m not quite sure why) I decided to keep talking.

At the end of my ramble the Associate Vice President jumped back in and said “I think we got off on a tangent here, did that answer your question?”  It was at that exact moment that I realized my eagerness might not have been very helpful.  On top of that I might have just had all the executives on the line questioning whether I’m a good fit for the job.

That’s the thing about making a total ass of yourself, not only do you make yourself look bad but you also tarnish the opinion of the person who praised you.  I think it’s safe to say the Associate Vice President won’t be singing my praise any time soon, especially because he might be afraid I’ll open my mouth and talk a lot without actually saying anything of value.

So what do you think – did I tarnish  my reputation or am I just overreacting?

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How to Choose an Offshore Bank Acount

0777a4fffb7045a782515d2e4f0a59adChoosing the right offshore bank or the right bank account is essential for all of us who are saving, traveling, investing and much more. It is important that aside from the fact that they should offer convenient and hassle-free transactions, there should also be minimal fees to use their services.

If you have decided that offshore accounts are suitable for your needs, you will need to identify which account is the best account for you. There are several criteria you should keep in mind when comparing offshore bank accounts. Since you’re going offshore, you have to select carefully where you can have jurisdiction and also the best banking provider too.

Here are the 6 tips you need to keep in mind in choosing the best offshore banking for your needs:

  1. Choosing the jurisdiction carefully. You may want to go offshore because the country where you are staying might not be politically or economically stable, and you would want to choose a bank wherein the economy is more secure. You absolutely have to research meticulously when selecting the best country to have your offshore account. Some jurisdictions are focused on investment and reinvestment banking–therefore you have to ensure that you have chosen an account which can give you the best tax advantage that has a solid banking environment at place.
  2. Find out which account type suits you. You will need to decide what type of account you should open up at the offshore bank. Would it be a personal or business account? How about a multi-currency account? You should be able to keep sufficient funds in the bank to benefit from their premier account type or whether a plain current account will suite you.
  3. Which is the best bank? Having chosen the nation/country you trust, the next step is to choose a bank where you can manage your money. You may consider a brand name you’re familiar with or you may be looking for a bank that offers you specific account features and benefits you’re after.
  4. Read the small print, which is the terms and conditions. Make sure that you do this step so that you will not miss anything or be caught by surprise of the bank’s policies. Read and understand before signing on the dotted line. Some conditions may include you, having to commit payment of your salary or income each month or a requirement to maintain a minimum account balance. This is so you can maintain a relationship with the bank. It could be either in the form of savings, investments, mortgages and/or current account balances, to name a few.
  5. Parent Bank Consideration. Almost all banks can be traced to where their parentage is and it is important to know where your bank is associated with. It is important, especially if you’re trying to diversify across the institutions so that if one went into liquidation, you won’t risk losing all your money.
  6. Regulation and Consumer Protection. You need to ensure that the financial services of the institution you have chosen offshore is considerably tough enough to protect your interests. Double check how protected you will be, should you favor the offshore jurisdiction of your account.

When you take advantage of offshore banking, make sure that it is personal, secure and a well-established financial center. Holding some wealth outside of your own country makes it possible for certain tax advantages while benefitting from the security of investing in a stable market. As always, do your research first before venturing into this.

Would you consider opening an offshore bank account?

Friday Faves: Taking the Train Home


Happy Friday Loves.  It’s Friday and as you read this I’m on my way home from a business trip – and I’m taking the train.  Last time I took this exact same trip I flew and trust me when I say I was less than impressed.  So earlier this week I headed off on a 4.5 hour train trip and now I’m doing the same.

Taking the train is not that much of a difference in time than flying and it’s a lot cheaper.  I like the hop on/hop off convenience of the train and I absolutely despise waiting in line at airports.  So there you have it, I’m on a nice relaxing train trip – actually I’m probably asleep.

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