3 Tips to Spring-ify Your Home

dd471ac07efa42e5acced2017fd30423Good morning loves.  I’ve got a confession – I have spring fever.  I want everything in my home to be bright and floral.  The problem is I live with BF and he’s more of an earth tones type of guy.  We haven’t decorated much since we moved in to our new apartment last October.  We spent most our money on buying new furniture and now it’s time to make everything pretty.

After spending hours on Pinterest and a lunch break in the mall I have come up with a few clever ways  to decorate our home for spring.

Mix and Match Everything

Apparently the days of having everything matchy-matchy are over.  It’s O.K. to mix and match colors,  patterns and even textures.  This is an ever growing trend in the world of home decor, but I also noticed it on mannequins in store windows.  I think I missed the memo but when did it become acceptable to mix polka dots and stripes?  I’m not sure if that’s the way I’ll go but I am definitely going to mix and match when it comes to our pillows.

Pillow are supposed to be welcoming.  We want them to be bright and colorful and of course comfortable.  So that’s exactly what I’m going to do – I’m also going to mix shapes and sizes.  I wish we could afford high end pillows from Pier 1 Imports but I think we’re going to look at TJ Maxx and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Make Every Room Smell Good

This has always been our motto.  We love candles and burn them all year round, even in the summer.  However candles, the good ones, are expensive.  I always hold out for the “2 for” sales or the semi annual sale at Bath & Body Works and then I stock up.  Like really stock pile candles!

I love the smell of fresh cut flowers but buying bouquets every couple of weeks just isn’t realistic.  First of all it can be very expensive and second up here in the north east we don’t really have fresh cut flowers all year round.  Flowers are a great way  to add some life into our apartment, but scented candles, wall plugins and those scented oil sticks are a great way to fake it.

Hang Pictures Where Ever You Can

I am only 5 feet tall so painting walls is out of the question.  Besides when my OCD kicks in after six months it’s a lot easier to change decor than it is to repaint.  I don’t really like to stick to one thing for very long so changing accents is definitely the way we’re going to go when it comes to decorating this spring.

I’m a very visual person so I like to look at things.  I plan on covering our walls with art, pictures and mirrors, not in a hoarders kind of way, just in a “Oh Welcome to Our Home” kind of way.  Hanging pictures gives homes a personal touch and putting up art on the walls can give rooms a pop of color without having to spend money (and time) on painting.

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Getting Ahead in Business Does Need You to Be Ruthless But Rather Fearless

Years ago before technology change the way we live being a successful businessman or woman meant you had to step on more than a few toes and do anything necessary to take out your opposition. It took one word, “ruthless” but nowadays that word has grown and transformed into a whole new word, “fearless”; and this is according to Julie Roehm a key characteristic requirement in today’s world of business.



What does being fearless truly mean in this context?

Firstly, it means that you need to think outside of the box and still be a team player. This may be a tall order for most individuals, but when you learn to let go of any fear from rejection or negativity then you will be able to tap into a creativity that will enhance your work life. This aspect does not only pertain to employees but also employers.

When it comes to choosing your work force, many employers will only want people who tick all of those annoying corporate boxes. But in reality taking a chance on a few candidates who offer a higher level of creativity as opposed to efficiency could be the catalyst that propels your business form mediocre to extraordinary.

A few favorite quotes that Julie Roehm has used to drive home the truth of how beneficial letting go of all fear in the business sense can be are:

  • Calculated risks are the rocket fuel of our society
  • Eat your fear. It tastes good and will make you stronger.
  • “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” -Albert Einstein.

Fearlessness does not mean taking unnecessary risks

Even though one is encouraged to think differently in how you run your business, it still needs to be controlled. When it comes to marketing your company there is numerous aspects that one has to take into consideration. For instance, if you are making use of social media in order to try and capture a market, you have to do so in such a way that you are still being seen as a reputable company. With the digital age advertising and marketing has taken on a whole new face and needs constant readjusting in order to grow and adapt with modern trends.

What you do not want to end up doing is taking any risks that will tarnish how your company is viewed. Julie Roehm has many years experience in changing the way in which companies approach simple aspects such as customer care and how a company actually converses with their clients. Let’s face it, our world expects so much more and we demand to be entertained; thus you need to meet these needs in such a way as to still be professional.

There is such a fine line between being successful and achieving success; and it basically rests on how you perceive the two aspects. If your company has been able to successfully be a success through working to building long lasting relationships with employees and customers then you know what the truth of being fearless truly encompasses.

Controlling Daily Spending is a Good Way to Save

4b34aa6bc8a542738c9bb93307b862acInterest rates in the USA are low and as a result there has rarely been a better time for you to get a loan. The main thing for you to remember is that it must make sense; be affordable.  There is no reason to get a loan for the sake of it because you should always make responsible decisions when it comes to finance. The recession taught a sharp lesson but the signs of the growth in credit card spending once again, and in the outstanding balances that some are now holding suggest that not everyone has learnt the lesson. Not only should credit cards be used responsibly but financial prudence suggests you should look at spending in general and resist the temptation to spend all you earn.

It is surprising how quickly you can build up a bank balance by thinking about what you spend each day and whether it makes good sense. This is not a lesson in sacrifice but caution against excess. Savings provide comfort against the unforeseen event; an unexpected bill which can be everything from a medical emergency to an expensive automobile repair. It is nice to be able to meet such a bill without having to worry.

Self Discipline

With a little self discipline you will be able to do it. There are many ways to save a little money on a daily basis. If you enjoy cooking you should limit your visits to a restaurant to special occasions. Why not eat in the comfort of your own home? Planning menus in itself is sensible because it allows you to think about your shopping and will certainly help towards eliminating waste. You can decide on your shopping list then look for bargains on the day you do your grocery shopping; if there are coupons that can be used even better.


Energy bills can be crippling particularly in a cold winter. They are something that can really make a hole in household income. Once again a little self discipline comes in handy. Simply switching off a light in an unoccupied room will save something. Consumption can be reduced by turning down the thermostat a degree or two.  Appliances that are not in use can be unplugged and it is worth thinking about whether you really need a dishwasher or whether you can dry the clothes outside rather than in a machine.

On a wider front if your home is not energy efficient that inspiration fund loan may be a good investment for the future by improving its energy efficiency whether for better doors and windows or for  new system itself.

Exercise and Entertainment

When it comes to exercise there are plenty of ways to cut down expenses. If you walk a little more rather than use the automobile you save on two fronts. It is not critical to take out an expensive fitness club membership to stay fit. There are parks and plenty of pleasant walks that cost nothing at all. There are plenty of cheap ways to entertain yourself and the family without needing to spend much at all.

There is no reason for your social life to suffer because you eat out less, or decide to avoid the bar or coffee bar. You can entertain at home, taking turns with friends. Why not meet for a gossip in the park with friends bringing the coffee with you? All these little things add up over days, weeks and months. There is minimal hardship involved. Daily behavior can see your savings grow. It does not mean that you cannot take out loans responsible reasons at the same time. Your overall financial position will make you a good candidate for approval anyway.