Friday Faves: Things to do this summer


Happy Friday Loves!  The warm weather is starting to creep in and it’s getting me really excited for the summer.  I know this sounds a bit crazy but I don’t really like to do much in the summer.  The weather is so nice that just being outside is enough – plus it lets me work on my tan.

I usually travel in the spring and fall because that’s when I get antsy waiting for summer to come or depressed because I know the warm weather is long behind us.

However this summer my BFF wants to get together so now we’re thinking of things to do and places to go.  We live about 7 hours away from each other so we need to find something to do in the middle so that neither  one of us has to travel too far for a long weekend.

If you had three days to spend with your best friend what would you do?

Spend a day at the beach

We both totally love the beach. Fresh water, warm sand, a good book and your best friend – what could be better?!  This is probably at the forefront of our choices, but then comes the question – what do we do at night? Where do we stay?  I feel that spending one day at the beach is a good idea but spending three days may get boring.

Rent a cottage

Our hometown (she still lives there but I moved away) is smack dab in the middle of the five great lakes so renting a cottage is also an option.  This is a tradition on all long weekends when you’re from a place surrounded by forests and lakes.  However I kind of feel like it’s been done.  I enjoyed it as a kid – the serenity, the quiet and the fresh air – but now as an adult the thought of sleeping in someone else’s bed kind of freaks me out.

Go camping

This is a good option for a long weekend, but probably not for us.  Two girls alone in the woods with community showers – no thanks.  This is something else I loved as a kid but now it seems like too much work.  The last time I went camping was 15 years ago and we (my friends, BF  and I) were so cold we burned all the firewood the first night and came home the next day.  Not a huge success in my mind.

Spend a day walking around the city

This is my first choice for a long weekend with my best friend. I want to go to a great city like New York or Boston and just enjoy some time away. She, however, feels if you’ve been to one big city you’ve been to them all.

As you can see we aren’t even close to finding something to do. It’s a good thing our long weekend is in August so it gives us time to plan.

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4 Ways to Stay Motivated When Running


Good morning Loves.  Last week I shared tips on how to get started running.  If you want to start getting active I highly suggest running because it’s totally awesome.  It’s addictive and it’s a true test of yourself.  I like it because I can only get better.  I started running at 5 miles per hour and now I’m up to 6.3 on a good day.

Some people say golf is a good sport because you’re only playing against yourself, but they still give you a par on each hole and for each course.  Running is really you against yourself – or even the world if you want to think that big.

Here are four ways to stay motivated and fall in love with running:

Get a good playlist

I always run for 30 minutes.  That’s a time commitment I can make on a regular basis and it’s usually my threshold before I start about thinking all the other things I should/could be doing.  Music really helps determine my workout for the day.  I have everything from Britney Spears to Rick Ross on my iPod.  I like to run to upbeat dance music and walk at an elevation to hard core hip hop.

Don’t worry about other people

There’s nothing worse than being at the gym and feeling bad about yourself.  Running is all about you and what you can do.  Don’t worry at what elevation the skinny girl beside you is climbing, don’t think about how fast the man in front of you is running – just do you!

The great thing about running is your workout is never the same.  My 30 minutes can be as intense or as low impact as I want them to be.  Even though I workout for the same amount of time every day each workout is different.

Know when to walk it out

Don’t push yourself too hard because if you don’t like what you’re doing you’ll stop.  I like to run intervals because the high/low intensity shocks the body, I don’t get too tired too fast and I have something to look forward to each time I switch to a faster speed. If I run 10 minutes total at 6 mph the next time I try to do it at 6.2.  It’s really all about overcoming mental and physical obstacles.

Find your sweet spot

This is where you feel the best and your stride is perfect.  If you are stable, not wobbly, your knees and back aren’t hurting and you can focus for several minutes at a time then you’ve found your running sweet spot.  Mine is 6.3 mph.  My form is perfect, although I can’t do it too long my max is four minutes in a row and 10 minutes total) but hopefully my stamina will work up to it over the next month or so.

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Understanding Accounts Receivable Funding and How it Works

087894a15dbf45869b908297913d4669More and more small businesses are becoming interested in accounts receivable funding. Simply put, this is a financial construction that allows businesses to access funding as they need it. It is a type of credit that allows businesses to receive cash based on their sales report. Additionally, as your company sales grow, the financing model grows with it. Accounts receivable funding is particularly interesting for businesses who are refused regular loans because they don’t have a good enough credit status (yet).

How Account Receivable Funding Is Different

Receiving this type of funding is very different from regular bank loans. This is because you are not actually borrowing money. Rather, you are selling your invoice to a funding institution. It is a very fair and smart option that too many businesses haven’t heard of yet.

Simply put, when you apply for this type of funding, your credit status is irrelevant. No longer will you have to explain your debt to equity ratio. Rather, you will have to show that you believe your invoice will eventually get paid. The better the past behavior of your customer, therefore, the more likely it will be purchased.

Why This Type of Funding Is Needed

If at all possible, businesses should stay away from borrowing money. This is the same with individuals. However, for a business, this can be all but impossible. If, for instance, a customer puts in an order, this means that the business has to purchase the elements needed to fulfill that order. However, if the customer has not paid yet, for instance, because of a 30 day payment term, and another order comes in, they will not have the funds to fulfill that new order. Refusing an order, or asking customers to wait until someone else has paid, is bad business. This is where accounts receivable funding is important. Rather than having to wait for the first customer to pay, the business can sell their invoice and use that money to fulfill the order of the next customer.

This type of funding is becoming increasingly common all over the world. The exact way it works does depend from one funding company to another. Additionally, the amount you will be able to receive will vary as well. If you have a bill for a customer with a proven proper payment behavior, the company could give you as much as 98% of the invoice value, with the other 2% being their profit. However, if there is a risk that your customer will never pay the invoice and that action will have to be taken such as debt collectors, you will be offered a lot less, as the funding company will expect that they will need to invest money in actually receiving the funds as well.

It is important to look into which invoices are most likely to sell if you are considering this construction, therefore. However, an accounts receivable funding company will be more than happy to help you with that.

What are smart financial goals?


Good morning Loves.  How are your goals going so far in 2015?  My savings goal is on track (more about that in a couple of weeks), my career goal to learn about SEO is coming along and my weight loss goal is slowly but surely still working.  I’ve already lost a bit of weight (but not as much as I’d like) and I hope to be down another five pounds by the end of June.  I wanted to lose five pounds a month but my body just doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  So far all in all I’m happy with my progress.

I usually don’t like commitment, partially because I don’t like to be told what to do and partially because I can’t focus on one task for too long before getting bored.  Every single year I set New Year’s resolutions and by March they go completely out the window.  But not this year.

Make sure you really want your goal

So why is 2015 so different? I think it’s because I set smart financial goals this year a.k.a. realistic goals that I actually WANT to achieve.  So often people set goals because they think they should, but the truth is if you don’t want to achieve your goals you never will.  If you know you should stop smoking, but don’t really want to then you’ll never do it.  I really want to save money this year and I’m willing to make sacrifices to do so.  That’s why I’ll achieve my goal.

Be sure you get something great out of it

If you’ve set a goal what are you getting out of it?  If you love smoking and you stop smoking you’ll be healthier but you’ll probably also be miserable.  I like setting goals that give me something in the end, I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on anything – that’s why I never give up chocolate.  Losing weight is not easy, but in the end I’ll be skinnier, healthier and ultimately happier.  That’s a goal well worth working towards.

Don’t get a goal buddy

I know a lot of people say to get a friend to workout with or compare your weight loss with someone who has similar goals, but that doesn’t work for me.  Part of setting smart financial goals – or goals of any kind – is that they’re personal.  Comparing yourself to others can only hurt the process, even though it’s intended to help.

Goals should always be realistic

If you set goals you want to achieve them, right?!  It’s nice to have something to work towards but at the same time they have to be realistic.  I know that I can realistically save $7000 by the end of the year if I cut out some of my extra spending, but not all.  I know myself, if I scrimp on everyday living I won’t stick with it.  I need to set goals that are achievable because watching the progress motivates me to keep going.

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