Friday Faves: It’s snowing!

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Happy Friday Loves.  It finally started snowing up here.  Yes I woke up to snow on the ground, is that acceptable for November?  And yes, that’s really the view from my living room window.  I don’t like the cold, actually in general I don’t like any of the elements: rain, wind or snow.  This year the cold weather is taking an extra hard toll on my emotional and mental wellbeing.  I’m not adapting well to the change in cold weather and now I have to get used to snow.  Is it too early to get out my winter jacket?

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How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

personal loan with bad creditGetting a loan with bad credit is tricky.

What’s even worse is needing a loan when you have no credit. It’s not like you’ve proven yourself unworthy, it’s just that you’ve been responsible enough not to rely on credit until this point and now you’re being punished for it.

No matter what mistakes you’ve made (or haven’t made) in the past there are ways to get a personal loan with no credit or bad credit.

Before we get to that, one disclaimer: if you have bad or no credit you’re going to pay a lot more in interest than someone with good credit. I know, it’s sort of common sense I just wanted to throw that out there before we got to the solutions.

Here are four ways you can get a personal loan with bad credit!

Find a Bank that Specializes in Loans for Bad Credit

Your first option is an option that works quite well – find a bank that specializes in loans for bad or no credit.

There are many banks, like Aspire Money, that do this, it just requires a little digging on your part.  Start researching banks in your area or that you can apply through online. Talking to a customer service rep before applying so that you can get the information on terms, conditions, and interest rates beforehand should be done.

Get a Peer to Peer Loan

Another newer option is peer to peer lending.

Most people turn to the peer to peer market because their finances aren’t in the greatest standing. If you apply for a loan through a P2P company you’ll be graded as a borrower based on your credit score, income, and other financial information. Lenders will then have the ability to look at your profile and lend you money if they choose to.

The interest you pay will largely depend on your financials as a whole.

Try a Credit Union

Since credit unions are typically much smaller than banks they’re more lenient with their lending practices.

Instead of filling out an application and it getting lost in a sea of other applications you have the ability to talk to a lending officer face to face. Make an appointment with a credit union and then go over you financials with the officer.

You might be able to snag yourself a personal loan.

Get a Co-Signer

I’ve saved this option for last because I honestly feel like this should be your very last resort.

When you get a co-signer you’re basically asking someone with good credit that you know to vouch for you. You get the loan but when you default your co-signer is responsible.

Having someone co-sign on a loan for you can lead to very tense relationships especially if you don’t fully repay your loan or if you pay it late.


There are many ways to get a personal loan with bad credit or no credit. What’s important though, is that you take the time to evaluate all your options so that you can find the best deal for you.

And remember your situation is unique. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.

My Get Skinny Plan

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Last week I confessed that have to lose weight – I do, I really do according to my physician.  After a week of contemplating the news from my doctor and another week of wallowing about my non-healthy habits I finally decided that it’s time to start losing weight.

I’m not that girl

I joined a gym, even though BF thinks it’s a waste of money. He thinks I should be able to workout at home with the dozen of fitness DVDs I have.  In an ideal world this would be true – but I live in reality.  I know myself and I can almost guarantee I won’t be able to get out of bed and workout.

I don’t have the type of self discipline or motivation to be one of THOSE girls.  You know the type…those girls who run their Saturday morning errands in gym tights and still look fabulous, the girls who can eat a salad for lunch and be full (I still think they’re lying) and the type of girl who wakes up early so she can get a workout in before going to the office.  No, I will never be THAT type of girl.

But I will become her

I’m the girl who wears her hair in a pony tail because I prefer to sleep in 15 minutes longer in the morning.  I’m the type of girl who prefers to come home and take a nap to regain energy (even though working out is supposed to have the same effect) and I’m the type of girl who eats instant oatmeal for breakfast at her desk because I think cooking is a waste of time.  Yep, that’s me – but all that has to change.

Personal confession:  I’m 5 feet tall and I currently weigh 162 lbs (as you can see above) and I want to weigh 130 lbs by June 1.  That’s 30 lbs in 6 months, 5 lbs a month and approximately 1 lb a week.

I have to become THAT girl.  It’s not going to be easy because I’m 34 years old and pretty set in my ways, but if I want to follow my doctor’s orders I have to lose weight – and that means changing my habits.  Actually it means changing my entire life.  Instead of coming home from my 9 to 5 job, taking a nap, walking up and working on my freelance gigs.  I’m going to have to skip the nap and maybe cut down on the freelance work so I can fit gym time into my daily routine – yes I said it…daily.

Here’s my plan to become skinny

I’m going to go H.A.M. on my new workout routine because if I see dramatic results I think it will keep me motivated.  It will remind me that all the hunger pains and tears (yes there will be tears) will be worth it.

This is how I’m going to get in shape:

Smaller portions.  I can roll with the big boys when it comes to my meals.  I mean I can eat an entire medium pizza by myself if I wanted to…but I don’t, not anymore.   I’m only going to eat off the small plates from now on and I’m only going to have one serving.

Less sugar.  As a vegetarian I eat a lot of carbs and a lot of sugar to stay full, bad habit I know.  This year I extremely indulged in Halloween candy, but all that’s over.  Now the only sugar I’m going to consume is the natural sugar in the food I eat, no extras in the form of cookies, cupcakes and candy or iced coffee.

Be more active.  One of the main reasons I joined a gym is because if I’m paying for it I will use it.  If I don’t workout at home there is no loss, but if I don’t get up and take advantage of my gym membership I’ll be losing money…and I hate to lose money.

The one place you should always be on your best behavior


Trust me it’s not where you think.  Let me start off my telling you a little story about how I entered into Corporate America.  I was 25 years old and landed a full time job as a financial planner at a bank.  My boss asked me if I knew how to golf.  When I said no (unless mini golf counts) she told me that I should learn ASAP because joining a golf club is a great way to network and meet new clients.

It’s not on the golf course

She also told me that a lot of deals are made on the golf course so if I wanted to succeed as a financial planner I should start spending time on the golf course.  That I year I attended three golf tournaments and although I had a great time, ate some very expensive food, worked on my tan all summer and met a lot of nice (older) people I had yet to close one deal on the golf course.

It’s not over lunch

I worked as a financial planner for over seven years and I quickly came to learn that clients like to do business over lunch.  Actually that’s not true.  Clients like to go to lunch but it wasn’t to do business.  Back then I didn’t know any better; silly me I thought lunch was actually lunch but it was really a test.  I brought forms to sign and information about investment options, but no transactions were completed over lunch.  My clients just wanted to chat and see what type of person they were going to give their money to.

I came to learn that client lunches were a test to see if I was trustworthy because at the end of the day my clients can invest their money absolutely anywhere; but if they’re going to hand over a check for $500,000 they want to make sure they trust the financial planner.

This is where all the magic happens

Now I’m 34 years old and I left the world of banking behind me to find a new career in marketing for an investment firm.  You want to know where I do most of my business now?  Now that I don’t have to sell, now that I don’t deal with clients face to face?  The bathroom.

Yes that’s right I find out more about what’s going on in my company in the bathroom than I do in actual team meetings.   You may think you’re going in to the bathroom to do one thing and come out with approval for an upcoming project or the inside scoop on a soon-to-be-made announcement.

I know what you’re thinking ” I saw that on 2 Broke Girls”.  Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about let me give you a rundown:  The two main characters sneak into the MET Gala hoping to bump into Martha Stewart so they can give her one of their homemade cupcakes.  They hope she’ll love it and endorse them so they can start a new cupcake business.

When the night comes to an end and the girls still haven’t met Martha they go to the bathroom to complain about how awful their night was and change out of their ball gowns.  Little did they know Martha Stewart was in the bathroom and heard everything they said.  To make a long story short 2 Broke Girls + a bathroom + force-feeding cupcakes to Martha Stewart = A brand new cupcake shop.

So here’s my advice, even if you’re just planning to run into the bathroom for a quick second always always be on your best behavior.

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