I’m on a cleaning binge

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Good morning Loves.  It’s official…I’m on a cleaning binge.  You know how I told you I like to spend my Sundays in bed binge watching Netflix? Well with our upcoming move I’ve decided to let my binge fever get the best of me and I’ve started cleaning house.

I used to be a “I’ll keep it just in case” kind of girl, but now with our upcoming move I’m purging everything that I haven’t used in the last six months.  That’s right if I haven’t worn, used or touched something in my apartment since January 1, 2014 I am getting rid of it.

To be honest it really breaks my heart to throw my belongings away because I feel like throwing my stuff in the garbage is like throwing away money – and in some way it is.  However it is extremely unhealthy to keep clutter in my home.  I want to move to our new apartment with a fresh start and for me that means less stuff.

When is the last time you binge cleaned your home?

If you’re like me you bought clothes that you didn’t need because they were on sale and you keep shoes that look worn just because they’re comfortable.  But now we just have to man up (or pony up as my BF says) and throw our old and unwanted things away.

I shouldn’t say unwanted because that’s not what I meant.  All my stuff is wanted because I bought it.  Unusable is probably the right word.  Have you ever kept something that you loved even though it was old and worn and you probably won’t ever wear it again? Meet my cream colored belt.  I bought it three years ago at TJ Maxx because I saw J.Lo wearing a similar one in an interview; but other than that one summer I haven’t worn it since.   I keep it hanging in my closet just in case I need to wear a cream colored belt some day, but the truth is I shouldn’t keep it because I’m probably never going to wear it.

Why now?

When I told my mother (who is the neatest, cleanest person you’ll ever meet) she asked me “Why are you going on a cleaning tirade?”  I’m not sure it’s a tirade, more like a tornado; I’m the Sharknado of cleaning right now.

So back to the “why”?  We are moving in 30 to 45 days (no we still haven’t found a place) and the less stuff I have the less stuff I have to move.  Since we’ll be paying the movers by the hour I figured it was a good idea.

I have a lot of (unused) stuff

When I tell you that I have stuff I mean I have A LOT of stuff.  I am not a crazy hoarder or anything, don’t worry.  I just keep a hefty supply of lip gloss, nail polish, body wash and moisturizing cream on hand.  I don’t need all of it and honestly it’s just taking up space in my (tiny) apartment.  I am hoping the heartbreak of throwing out my belongings will be dramatic enough that it will stick with me and I’ll think twice before I buy another lip gloss…or whatever.

I am probably not going to become a minimalist, but I am definitely going to stop living in excess of certain things.  Stay tuned  over the next few weeks as I rifle through my clothes, shoes, bags and other stuff to get rid of unused items all around my apartment.

Long weekend vacations

Boston Harbor 3

Good morning Loves.  It’s already the middle of August and soon we’ll be celebrating Labor Day.  Before we know it summer will be over.  If you’re like me you love summer and you try to soak up every last ray over the warm months.  I live in the north east so unlike my friends out in sunny California we don’t get to see the sunshine and warm weather all year round.  Since there are only a few weeks left of summer I for one plan to take advantage of every last minute.

There is something fun about planning a trip in advance and having something to look forward to over the next few weeks.  However, there is something very exciting about booking a last minute trip for an extra long weekend, packing your bags and jumping in your car or hopping on a plane.  Am I right?

Living on the east coast puts me in close range of several great cities such as Boston, New York City and Burlington, Vermont.  There are also some cities on the east coast that I have yet to visit but hope to get to soon such as Washington, D.C., Charleston, South Carolina and anywhere in Connecticut.  I’m not sure why I want to go to Connecticut, but it just looks so great on T.V. and by T.V. I mean on Gilmore Girls.

Where would you go for a last minute vacation?

Here are three places I would love to spend a long weekend:

Boston, MA

Boston Aquarium 3There are so many great things to do in Boston.  It’s the perfect combination of historic America and a modern big city.  The buildings are old, it’s on the coast and the residents are extremely patriotic.  The vibe in Boston is very laid back – maybe it has something to do with all the water, churches and green spaces.  Everywhere you turn in Boston there is a church and they are all old and gorgeous.

Some of my favorite things to do in Boston are visit the New England Aquarium, walk along the harbor front and of course eat mac and cheese at the Quincy Market.  I love walking the streets of Boston and listening to people have conversations – you know I’m a sucker for a man with an accent.

New York City

IMG_0375I absolutely love NYC and I try to visit as often as I can until I move there someday, hopefully someday soon.  You can visit NYC several times a year and never see the same thing.  There are so many different places to stay, so many vibrant neighborhoods to visit and so many great restaurants to eat at that it’s like taking a new vacation every time you go.

My favorite places to visit in NYC are Central Park, downtown including the financial district, Little Italy and Canal Street, the upper west side and the American Museum of Natural History.

Burlington, VT

Vermont 2If you want a quiet, relaxing long weekend then head to Vermont.  Burlington is the cutest little city I ever did see and it’s full of small town charm.  It’s quaint and it’s the perfect place to relax in a wood cabin or stay at a four star spa.

The shopping in South Burlington is great and it has all the stable stores you’ll need to finish off your weekend getaway with a little retail therapy.

Savings by a Frugal at Nordstrom Fashion Sale

In the current economy, every penny you save is very welcome and though some people have taken to cutting back on their expenditure to save money, it’s clear that fashionable clothes still feature in the budgets of many. The one place that many people shop for high end fashion is Nordstrom as it stays ahead of trends, has variety and most importantly the Nordstrom promotion codes allow customers to save so much on different products.

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For you to lay your hands on these coupons codes, you first need to register for email alerts from Nordstrom’s online retailer. You can also subscribe for the store’s catalog, leaflets and adverts and ensure you read them so as to get the codes before they expire. The stores usually email about discount coupons, sales and activities and you can actually print the coupons and use them at several stores.

Those who prefer online shopping also get coupon codes which they can use but you need to be careful and ensure you read the conditions that they come with since some require you to purchase a certain minimum while some stores may not accept the use of multiple coupons. Because of the different conditions that different stores impose, it’s important for you to learn the ins and outs of using coupons so as to make the most out of it. E.g. in the case where multiple coupons are not accepted, you need to know how to use the shopping cart wisely.

To further save with Nordstrom, you can sign up for their debit or credit card and gain points which you can redeem every time you purchase. Keep your eyes open for sales, special days and appearance as this is when you get great discounts for really amazing things. The points awarded to your card equal Nordstrom money allowing you to purchase what you want of course depending with the amount of your points. However, to make the most of these points, wait for triple and double point days and walk away with a basketful of goodies.

Liking Nordstrom Facebook page will also bring you inside the loop so that you know what is happening and where you need to be to cash in on the discounts. That said, always read all your coupon codes in advance as this will help you know what to buy when and also helps you plan your budget more effectively. Patience is also key if you are going to score big as you will need to wait for those special days while piling up the necessary codes.

How Curtain Poles Can Enhance The Look Of Your Home’s Interior

There are many small exciting ways to enhance your home’s interior, and it is not necessary to spend a fortune. As windows act as a main focal point, installing new curtain poles to enhance the look of a room is an excellent plan.

Generally speaking, people do not consider the importance and value of this great fitting. Curtain poles are not only functional accessories, they are also ornamental pieces that can drastically improve your home’s interior. In fact, a popular article featured in Yahoo News states that: “curtain poles are the best accessories to any window in your home”. Not only do they make a striking impact on the way the room looks, they can also highlight your choice of curtains.
There is a fantastic choice of different designs, colours and finishes, as well as a broad range of shapes and lengths to suit all window sizes. Some of the best sellers include: stainless steel, brass, copper, and black nickel. Mahogany, pine, oak and beech wood is another option, and it can be either natural or tinted. When deciding on the best option, always consider the style of your curtains; and the decor and furnishings. What colour are they, are they ultra modern, or more classic, or are they vintage or rustic?
The wooden pole variety are bold and full of character, and give off a classical eco-friendly ambiance. On the other hand, metal poles give off a more ultra modern, artistic contemporary appeal. Both forms are ideal if you are fitting heavy curtains that need a strong support.
End caps are fitted on to each end of the pole in order to prevent the curtains from slipping off. As they are visible, they are treated as an artistic element, and there are some fabulous beautiful designs to enjoy.
In summary, it is wonderful that just by changing your curtain poles, you can add an eye catching attraction to your room that will sum up your own special style and personality, for all your family and friends to enjoy.