3 tips for smart travellers


Are you taking on spring break this year?  I just got back from an extra long weekend trip and I have to tell you, I noticed that I act a little bit differently when I’m on vacation as oppose to how I do in my everyday life.  Is that weird?

Normally I don’t have time for people.  I know it’s sad to say but it’s true.  In my daily life I’m always running from task to task and I’m usually always 10 minutes late, unfortunately that leaves very little time for common courtesy.  When I’m on vacation I notice people’s faces.  Maybe it’s because I’m not rushed for anything when I’m on vacation or maybe it’s because my personality is just different when I’m away.  Are you the same?

I love being on vacation and when I’m travelling I always stick to a few simple rules that help me get along with people where ever I am.  Different countries and cites have different traditions.  When you’re travelling within different cultures I find there are a few standard best practices that can make your interactions more enjoyable.

3 tips for smart travellers:

Politely smile and nod.  I never know when to acknowledge other guests in a hotel.  Actually that’s not true, when I’m travelling I like to keep to myself, especially if I’m travelling alone.  The last thing I want to do as a single female traveller is attract attention.  Ladies, am I right?

It’s just common courtesy to acknowledge other humans when we’re in the same space.  So here’s my rule, I politely half smile and nod, but I don’t show any teeth.  I don’t want to do anything that could provoke further interaction.

Acknowledge both women and men.  One night during my vacation I was on my way to the pool and I crossed paths in the hallways with a man walking to his hotel room with a very large bag.  Since we walked right beside each other I smiled and gave him a little nod, which he completely ignored.  As the large luggage rolled passed me his tiny wife emerged.  I gave her the exact same manners and she politely smiled back.

Acknowledging only men can send the wrong signal (especially in more traditional countries) so giving the same treatment to both men and women is the polite thing to do.  However don’t be surprised if you get no response from men because in some cultures it’s just not custom to interact with women who aren’t their wives.

Always tip everyone.  Do you always tip when you travel?   I have a problem with this because I struggle to find a balance between being polite and spending wisely.  I hate wasting money and very often I find tipping is a waste.  If I’m paying for a service why do I need to tip on top of it?  I just don’t get it but the repercussions of not leaving a tip could be worse than wasting the money.

Tipping customs also vary between countries and cultures so if it’s not written anywhere I suggest always leaving a tip…just in case.  It’s always better safe than sorry, right?

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Friday Faves: Is it spring yet?


Good morning Loves and happy Friday.  It’s the last weekend in March and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the warm weather to start soaking in.  This winter has been really cold but it hasn’t bothered me too much.  However that doesn’t mean I’m not ready to start wearing ballerina flats instead of winter boots and start wearing summer dresses instead of scarves and hats…because I am.

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The Pros and Cons of Having a Personal Trainer


Good morning Loves.  Did I tell you about my personal trainer?  Back in November when I joined the gym they offered me two free sessions with a personal trainer.  To make a long story short after rescheduling three times I finally had my first appointment in January.

I prayed to all the higher powers above to make my personal trainer look like Bob Harper.  He didn’t.  He was very nice and he seemed to be smart, but he wasn’t as gorgeous (or charismatic) as the one and only Bob Harper.  Can you tell I have a crush?

Pro: It will help get fit

I am very aware of the fact that I’m not a fitness professional and having the expertise of a professional who can help me tone up and target specific problem areas is an asset.  A personal trainer can help me get fit but I need to change my own habits to get healthy.  Changing my personal habits has to start with me, once I am set in a routine of eating healthy having a personal trainer will only push my weight loss to the next limit.

Con: The Cost

At the end of our one hour session that included a 15 minute discussion about my activity habits, a 15 minute fitness evaluation and only about 20 minutes of exercise the personal trainer tried to sell me a package of six more sessions for $400.  I told him a story about not be able to stick to a schedule (which is partly true) and politely declined.  Like I have $400 to spend in a matter of only 3 weeks.  No thanks.  Maybe if he looked like Bob Harper and maybe if he had a better personality…maybe.

Pro: There’s no better motivation

Normally I don’t like to be told what to do but when it comes to how I look I am willing to take all the help I can get.  I may not stick to it, but I’m open to the advice.  If I hired a personal trainer – and paid for it – I would be motivated to stick to the routine…at least I would try my hardest to stick with it.  The pressure of someone watching and evaluating your every move is both terrifying and motivating at the same time.

Con: It’s a commitment

Having a gym membership is already a big commitment for me.  I don’t like to attach myself to anything because I feel it weighs me down and I like to be free…to have options.  Actually in all honestly being committed to anything absolutely freaks me out!

Having a personal trainer is like making a doctor appointment, if you cancel within 24 hours you are still charged.  Unfortunately with my crazy schedule that’s a commitment I just can’t keep. I like to have a routine, but I like to do it on my own terms.  I don’t want to keep a commitment to be somewhere every week at a certain time, especially if it costs me if I can’t show up.

Do you have a personal trainer?   

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Time to Get Back What Belongs to You

bb timeOver years, many individuals have lost faith in the institutions that, take part in lending such as the banks after the payment protection insurance fraud that hit the banking sector. However, there is hope after the development of a number of claims management organizations and corporations that have gained support from the government. You might want to get back you money but you are not so sure of the way to go about the same. With the help of experts, there is no doubt of bright light at the end of the tunnel.

No matter the amount of money you lost because of the payment protection insurance, do not give up in the fight to get back what rightly belongs to you. There is a solution to your problem from the claims management companies.

Will I pay for unsuccessful claims?
You should not worry about the cost that is likely to be required from you for any unsuccessful claims since there are a number of companies that do not charge for such claims. These companies feel the pain that you felt after losing the money that you earned through sheer hard work.

How you lost your money

there are times you might ask yourself how the amount disappeared in such a way that many individuals never took note of what was happening. At the beginning the plan was meant for the better only for it to be subjected to manipulation by those individual s who were after their personal interest. The program is required to secure you periodic payment s towards a loan, a mortgage or even your automobiles. Sometimes you are given unsubstantiated allegations as the failure of your payment was out of your redundancy. The rise in those complains had to bring the government to help save the innocent citizens. If you were a victim of the same circumstance, it is upon you to seek the services of the specialists in the same field. Thousands have been able to get back their money through the various claim management companies that are found within different locations within town. Making use of the companies’ services up front has no charges at all. You should not languish in sloth and abject poverty when your money lays someone you can reach. It does not matter the amount you feel you are owed. There is no amount that cannot be claimed as long as there is proof. People have been asking over fifty thousand sterling pounds and they have been considered as long as they can prove having made the payments before.

Determining the amount, you can get from the claim

To establish the amount that you are likely to get back yourself; you can have check at the online payment protection insurance. There are calculators that you can make use of to establish what you are wish claim. A visit to an expert will also give you information on the exact amount you will get after you have made a successful claim on your part. One thing you should note is that not all claims are genuine hence before you go about seeking for assistance try to gather you facts right so that the exercise does not end up like a wild goose chase. Click here www.howtoclaimppi.org.uk to know more information.