The Thrifty Businessman’s Mini Guide to Brochure and Leaflet Printing

b5618c1f05584ad4abe196604afc0858Regardless of the size of your business, anything you do has to be cost-effective and that is why some business owners feel they have to compromise on their marketing efforts to stay within budget.

There is actually no reason why you can’t find a cost-effective way to create a brochure for example, which is attractive and persuasive but doesn’t cost you as much to produce as you first envisaged.

Here is a look at how you can produce the marketing material you want but at a cost that represents great value for money.

Compact but not cramped

If you are wanting to produce your own brochure and print it out using your own resources, the temptation is always to try and fit as much content and images as possible onto each page, in order to save money on printing costs.

Regardless of whether you manage to secure a good deal on your printing supplies from someone like stinkyinkshop.co.uk in order to keep the cost of your brochure down, you need to resist the temptation to pack as much into each page as possible, as this rarely results in an attractive brochure because it just looks cramped.

A brochure that is cramped and cluttered will often be perceived as unprofessional so aim to produce clear and concise copywriting and aim to only include information and images that are entirely relevant, so that you end up with a brochure that is compact but definitely not cramped.

Choice of paper

Your choice of paper can make quite a substantial difference but there are different scenarios where you can keep costs under control by varying your selections according to the target market you are aiming at.

A prestigious project demands high quality paper but if you are producing a brochure for something more informal, you could choose a grade of paper that is thinner and cheaper without it having a detrimental impact.

Matching the paper to the project is a great way of keeping costs under control without it costing you any loss of face or impact.

Affordable printing

One of the best ways of ensuring you regularly achieve affordable printing solutions for your brochures and leaflets, is to make sure you choose a printer that is designed for job you intend to use it for.

Look for models which are within your price range but have the required capabilities to print your material efficiently and at the lowest cost per page possible, meaning you should invest in a printer that offers bulk printing if that is what you intend to do.

Advertising message

Another way to keep costs under control is to ensure that you take the time to work out exactly what you want your leaflets and brochures to say and how to present the information in order to achieve your goal.

Deciding whether you require a small flyer with a relatively simple advertising message or a brochure with more detailed information, will help you to print more efficiently and not waste any resources or money by producing something you subsequently decide doesn’t work for you.

Being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the power of the impact you can achieve with your marketing material.

John Sollars has been in business for many years now. Whenever he has the time, he enjoys sharing what he has learned with others online. You can read his helpful posts on many websites and blog sites today.

How to Start a Garden Without a Backyard


Good morning Loves.  Just in case you missed it last week – we have an awesome giveaway going on right now.

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If you are like me you love everything fresh.  I grew up in a corner-lot-home that was surrounded by flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.  I spent my summer days watering flowers and picking fresh veggies from the garden.  Cherry tomatoes and snow peas were by far my favorite.

Now I live in an apartment and long for the days when I could walk outside bare foot and pick fresh vegetables from my dad’s garden.  Don’t get me wrong city living is absolutely amazing, but I do miss the fresh fruits and vegetables that come with having a backyard in the suburbs.

So what did I do? Well just like any grown adult who longs for something from her childhood I called my dad for comfort and advice.  It turns out there are actually quite a few vegetables that can be grown in a pot.

This goes out to all my fellow apartment (and condo) dwellers out there who don’t have a backyard.  NEWS FLASH: You can still grow fresh vegetables…as long as you  have a balcony.  I haven’t tried any of these yet, but it has given me a summer project.  I am going to plant some basil (or maybe tomatoes) so follow me on Twitter to see how life works out while trying to grow fresh veggies in an apartment.

Basil and herbs

According to my dad, a.k.a. the self proclaimed best green thumb in the Northeast, most herbs can  be grown in a pot.  If you want fresh chives, thyme and basil all you need is a lot of sunlight and a pot.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting their plants in too small of a pot.  So take my dad’s advice and give your green some room to grow.


Yes folks, believe it or not you can grow tomatoes in a pot.  “Make sure you have a structure” says my dad.  When you go to Home Depot to buy the pot, dirt and tomatoes seeds don’t forget the gate that the vines grow on.  Just ask the representative at the store, they’ll know what you’re talking about.

Cucumber (Patio)

If you love an ice cold fresh cucumber like I do you don’t have to pay $1.99 at the grocery store any more.  You can grow Patio Cucumbers right on  your own balcony thanks to this helpful tip from my dad.  Now I’m not sure what Patio Cucumbers are or how they differ from regular cucumbers but you can grow them in a pot a.k.a. in an apartment. Could you think of anything better than cooking with fresh produce?


OK so this is kind of a trick.  You probably won’t be able to grow a head of lettuce in a pot with much success, but you can grow Masculine Mix Lettuce.  According to my dad masculine lettuce takes about two weeks to grow in a pot and tastes just as good as lettuce picked fresh from a garden.  I’m not sure I believe it, but I don’t want to call my dad a liar.  If you try it please let me know how it works out.

Photo from Pixabay

Borrowing Made Easy

If yourely on a minimum wage job or a short-term contract, it’s easy to find yourself short on funds through no fault of your own. When you’re only making enough to cover the cost of your immediate living expenses, it can be difficult to save up enough money to cover those unexpected costs. If you’re one of the many Americans living without a safety net, don’t fret. Direct online lenders are there for you, offering small dollar loans when you need money the most.

borrowing made easy

Direct online lenders have created a streamlined lending process so that you can get the loan you need and pay your bills fast. Direct online lenders will be the only company that has access to your application. As they not only asses and approve your loan application, they also facilitate the actual approved loan amount. This makes their online process much faster than other lenders, as you’ll never have to wait while two different companies communicate. In as little as 20 minutes, you can be approved for your loan.

By limiting their loans to small amounts (typically between $200 and $500), direct online lenders can foster a positive lending relationship with their borrowers. These small sums are perfect for when you need a little extra help paying for unanticipated medical bills or car repairs, and they’re small enough that they can be easily paid back without creating irresponsible money habits.

That’s because a direct online lender that you can trust with your financial future is one that genuinely wants to promote responsible lending policies. You should only ever apply to a lender that outlines their terms and rates clearly and that provides helpful advice should you have any questions regarding your loan. As well, their terms and rates should be in accordance with state rules and regulations in order to ensurethe fees, interest rates, and conditions involved in your loan are manageable.

MoneyKey is one of these online lenders. They clearly state their terms and rates for each of their loans to prevent misunderstandings regarding their fees and repayment process. As a reputable online lender, MoneyKey offers a variety of loans, so you’re never forced into a term that you can’t afford. The finance options from MoneyKey include single-pay loans that are to be paid back in one lump sum within a specified time; they also have flex-pay installment loans with a longer payback period for those who can’t repay their loan at one time.

With different loan terms available, you can be matched with the cash that you need without creating financial burdens in the long run. You can carry on living with your short-term contracts or minimum wage job without the worry of not being able to pay your bills.

Are you in the club? (Giveaway today!)


Good morning Loves.  Today is exciting because we have a big giveaway for you.  That’s right 10 lucky people will win an exclusive member to a new club – so keep reading to find out more and enter for your chance to win.

It seems like everywhere we turn we’re being included or excluded from a club.  The cool kids table in the high school cafeteria,  the water cooler gang in the office and the ladies lunching in our neighborhoods.  I don’t know about you but it seems like throughout my entire life – one way or another – I’ve been trying to get into a club.  Is that just me?

The same thing is true for our shopping habits.  There are a ton of clubs out there that offer members low prices on everyday items, as long as you buy in bulk.  So here’s my question, would you pay to be a member of a money saving club?


This is the original savings/shopping club to me.  When I was a kid my mom really wanted to join Costco because buying basic needs in bulk with a family of four can really save money.

However my dad doesn’t believe in paying for a service where you’re spending money anyways – even if it saves you money.  And therein lies the difference between my parents and possibly a contributing factor to their divorce.

Sam’s Club

I had no idea what Sam’s Club was or that it even existed until recently.  I’m Canadian and we don’t have Sam’s Club up here.  However on a recent road trip to NYC I wanted to go shopping at Wal-Mart and entered it into my GPS to find the nearest location.  My trusted GPS didn’t bring me to a Wal-Mart it brought me to a Sam’s Club.

I went in thinking it was some type of super Wal-Mart but found out that it’s more like Costco.  I wasn’t sure if I needed to buy a membership to shop there but other than paper towels and toilet paper BF and I don’t really buy anything in bulk.

We should buy body wash, Tide and dishwashing soap in bulk but we have yet to do so.  I did also see bug spray being sold in packages of 8 at Sam’s Club, I’m not sure why anyone would need that much bug spray but to each his own.


This is the new kid in town.  I recently met Jet.com at the #BlogHer15 conference in NYC and you know what?  They kind of rock.  For an annual fee of $49.99 Jet.com offers “club price savings on pretty much anything you buy” from TVs to toilet paper.  Here’s the good news.  We’re giving away 10 memberships for free.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


Photo from Pixabay