Ways to Save on Your Cyber Monday Shopping


Historically Black Friday has been the biggest shopping day during this time of the year, but in recent years Cyber Monday has joined the ranks for savvy shoppers around the country.  I personally LOVE shopping on Cyber Monday because I don’t have to wake up at midnight to wait in line at my favorite stores and I don’t have to battle it out with thousands of other deal seekers – I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home.

Admittedly the deals on Cyber Monday aren’t as extreme as the door busters on Black Friday, but the savings are better than shopping on any other regular day of the year.  So if you need something and didn’t have the courage to go out to stores on Black Friday today may just be your lucky day.

Here are five ways to save even more money while shopping on Cyber Monday:

Join a mailing list and check your inbox

If you aren’t signed up for your favorite store’s mailing list you should do so.  Emailing marketing is a great way for brands to get promotions in front of customers so they want as many subscribers as possible.  The good news is stores are willing to pay for it.  Many brands offer discounts on your purchase just for signing up for their mailing list.  I saved $5 on my Bottle Breacher order because I signed up to get their emails.

Brands also send exclusive online deals to everyone on their email list so join today and check your inbox for savings.

Look around the website for deal codes

Very often when you get onto a website the brand wants to keep you there so they entice you to shop with discount pop ups.  My advice is don’t be so quick to click out of pop ups.  Yes they can be annoying and interrupt your shopping experience, but they can also offer deal codes for your online purchase.

Stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works do this very often so look around before checking out.

Review your shopping cart before checkout

If you’re like me you add every single good deal to your shopping cart whether you need the item or not.  I like to do that so I don’t miss out on a good deal.  However even sale items can quickly add up to a big grand total.

Before checking out review your shopping cart and remove any items you don’t really want or need.  Don’t buy things just because they are on sale.  At the end of the day a discounted item is still a waste of money if you don’t use it.

Get cash back with Ebates

I am a huge fan of shopping on Ebates.  It’s a website that offers cash back when shopping at your favorite stores online.  Go to Ebates.com and look to see if your favorite store is listed, they have websites such as Amazon, Priceline and Kohl’s.  There’s no fee to sign up and earning cash back on top of Cyber Monday deals is a great way to take advantage of online sales.

Remember to keep your credit card safe while shopping today.  Only give your credit card information to trusted sites that are well known.  Otherwise use PayPal if it’s a payment option.

Happy shopping!

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7 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving Alone


Happy Thanksgiving!  If you’re like me you don’t live near your family and therefore you aren’t travelling home for the long weekend.  Many of us celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and we’re continuing to get into the holiday spirit over the weekend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I am one of those people, even though I’m alone.  Just because you’re not with family doesn’t mean you can celebrate Thanksgiving.

No one says you need family to enjoy the holidays so I say you start your own traditions because that’s what I did.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving if you can’t be with your family:

Catch up on your favorite TV shows

I LOVE spending free days warm in bed under the covers.  I really enjoy binge watching old TV shows on Netflix such as Gilmore Girls because they are commercial free.  Not only does it save time, but I don’t have to channel surf to avoid the commercials.  If you don’t have Netflix pop in a DVD and have a movie marathon or log on to the channel’s website to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite shows.

Make a meal for one – or two

Even though I was alone with BF for Thanksgiving there was no shortage of food.  We still cooked  a big dinner with all the fixings such as mashed potatoes, creamed corn, gravy and hot dinner rolls.  We’ll be eating leftovers for the next few days and that’s just the way I like it.  The only think I can’t make is stuffing, so that will have to wait until the next time I see my mom.

Go for a walk

Sunny, warm-ish weather is not always a given on Thanksgiving so take advantage of the fall weather over the next few days before the snow starts to fall.  Fresh air can do wonders for the mind and soul.  Go for a walk around your neighborhood or through the woods if you live nearby – just make sure to get home before dark.

Volunteer for those in need

You’re not alone if you’re without family on Thanksgiving, a lot of people are.  Unfortunately some of those people aren’t as fortunate as we are.  If you’re in the mood to do good during the holidays then volunteer at your local soup kitchen, women’s shelter or homeless shelter to help those in need.

Go on a road trip

A couple extra days off work is the perfect reason to take a long weekend road trip.  Just make sure to avoid large tourist cities if you don’t like crowds.   I was in NYC from Saturday until Wednesday and although I missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I’m glad I got out before the crowds started to pour in.

Make a list for your Black Friday shopping

What’s better than waking up today to major discounts at your favorite stores?  Nothing I can think of.  I made my Black Friday shopping list last night, complete with a spending limit so when I woke up this morning I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  BF and I are heading out to Best Buy and IKEA very soon.

Read a good book

I will probably read two books from now until the end of the year.  The holidays put me into relaxing mode and I like to get into a good book.  Last year I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and cried my eyes out.  Right now I’m reading Girl on the Train; I’m 30 pages in and so far not impressed.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

How are you spending Thanksgiving weekend?

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Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card on Black Friday


I am writing to you direct from NYC today.  I’ve been here since Saturday to partake in all the holiday festivities and pre Black Friday sales.  I am happy to say thanks to good ol’ New York City I am officially DONE my Christmas Shopping.   Yes that’s right, I’m done!

This is unusual behavior for me, but thanks to the wonder of online shopping and all the stores for their awesome deals I am done my shopping  before December 1.   However I know that some of you probably haven’t even started.

Last night I had the pleasure of joining other personal finance experts Barry Choi, Vanessa’s Money and RateHub for the #cdnmoney chat.  It’s a weekly Twitter chat where experts answer questions and share their favorite money tips.  Last night it was all about how to use your credit card wisely while #BlackFriday shopping.

Here are some of the great tips for all you savvy shoppers out there from our Twitter chat next week:

Always watch where you swipe

More shopping means more credit card transactions and believe me when I say your fraud radar should be on high alert this time of the year.  Thieves are out in full swing during the holidays so make sure to always keep an eye on your credit card when using it in stores.

Look for sales

Your favorite items are probably on sale this time of the year, but that’s no reason to buy at the first store you visit.  Check flyers and online stores to compare prices and make sure you get the best deals possible.  If that means lining up tomorrow at midnight then so be it.

Check for bonus points promotions

Having a great rewards credit card comes in handy this time of the year.  I am happy to say that all my holiday purchases were put on my credit card.  It was enough to put me over the next rewards level and I exchanged in all the points and ordered myself a Starbucks gift card – Merry early Christmas to me.  If you’re looking for a new credit card use this tool to find the best credit cards in Canada.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you don’t find what you want don’t walk away.  Find a sales associate to help .  It never hurts to ask them to check the back store for more items.  At the end of the day they are there to help and  you are there to shop.  You don’t want to wake up early and wait in line only to find your item is sold out.

Check your inbox for promotions

Before you head out and hit the stores check your inbox for email promotions and deals.  This is especially helpful if you’re not sure what you want to buy for everyone on your list, but know you need to get something.  I always get great gift ideas from being on a mailing list.

When using your credit card for holiday shopping don’t forget to spend within a limit and pay off the balance to avoid excessive interest charges.

What’s on your wish list this Black Friday?

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life


The holidays are in full swing and although I am not a huge fan of cold winter weather I absolutely LOVE this time of the year.  There is something so comforting about the look and feel of Christmas.  In all honesty – even though it may sound superficial – I really love the look of wrapped gifts under a full decorated Christmas tree.  However I hate shopping at the mall during holidays.

Holiday shopping brings out big crowds, and although malls are beautifully decorated I try to avoid them at all costs.  I do most of my Christmas gift shopping online, this is partially because my family lives in a different state and partially because it’s so convenient.

Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for every man in your life:

Bottle Breacher

This is for the beer bottle and wine drinker in your life.  All the Shark Tank fans out there will be very familiar with this handy little gadget.  Bottle Breacher is a bottle opener made from a 50 caliber bullet and the best part is that it can be custom engraved.  This is by far one of the manliest gifts I’ve ever seen – it’s also the gift I bought for BF this year.  That’s right come Christmas morning this will be wrapped and under my tree.  I am still waiting for it to be delivered to Canada, but I’m sure it’s on its way.

Sports memorabilia tree ornament

My Dad is a huge Cleveland Browns fan so this year I bought him a Christmas tree ornament with a Cleveland Browns football player hanging on it.  I originally did this last year for BF and he liked it so much that I decided to buy one for the other man in my life.  The best part is I purchased it on Amazon and had it shipped to my Dad’s address at no additional cost.  He’s totally going to love it.

Their favorite book

I think a good book is a universal gift.  It works for birthdays, housewarmings, graduations, weddings and of course Christmas.  This is usually the go-to-gift for my Dad because he’s an avid reader, but not this year.  Fiction novels, biographies and even niche books like the Guinness Book of World Records or the history of a sports team are great gift ideas.  A few years ago I bought my best friend the biography of Anna Nicole Smith and to this day it’s one of her favorite books.

A night out with the guys

If the man in your life is an avid sports fan, why not give him a night out with the guys.  Both BF and my Dad are huge UFC fans so for Christmas I am buying them both the Pay Per View fight on December 14.  I also chipped in money for delivery food and beer so they can invite their friends over and make a whole night of it.  Of course I had to tell them both about it, so it won’t be a surprise but it seems like a gift they’ll both enjoy.

What are you buying for the man in your life this Christmas?

If you are thinking about shopping on Black Friday, you can find out everything you need to know at The Penny Hoarder.

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